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Xiaomi Flexible Display Phone in Action

Xiaomi Flexible Display Phone in Action

Xiaomi is the most active Chinese manufacturers in the electronic market. When it comes to technology innovation Xiaomi works extremely hard to provide better products to the consumers at an affordable price. From USB fan to Android TVs Xiaomi has set the standards high for the other tech companies.

xiaomi flexible display


Xiaomi is now working on a concept smart phone which has a flexible display. Images of Xiaomi’s flexible display for smart phones has recently appeared on Baidu. The source claims that Xiaomi has a concept smart phone with a flexible display but as we can in the picture there are no bezels around the screen, no logo of the company, no buttons nothing, it is only the display. there are chances that there can be a prototype unit which is running the company’s latest MIUI 8 on which Chinese giant is experimenting. You can check the video down below to watch the Xiaomi’s Flexible phone in hands.

The Flexible Display tech is almost similar to the Lenovo’s Flexible Technology which was showcased in IFA 2016 back in September. It is also needless to say that Samsung has also been working on some fold-able tablet which leaked earlier when it submitted several patents for the same. You can check out the link below for the complete news.

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Such technologies are still far from the commercial production and are limited the concept or prototype only. There is nothing like rock solid in the flexible displays tech. Otherwise such type of technologies are tough to produce and could be very expensive.

xiaomi bendable phone


Anyways it might be possible that some day in future we could see flexible displays commercially by Xiaomi and other tech companies if we believe the rumors and leaks.

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