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Write For Us

Submit your Articles and Publish them through our Website

Hello Readers. We are looking for guest authors who have some creative work to share with us in the form of words. We are in a search of those creative minds who want to share their skills with others through internet. We are looking for you. Yes, you can submit your articles to us and get them published on our website – www.youthtimes.in. This could be your golden opportunity to get famous through us and create your own identity, your presence in the world of content writing.

Write For Us

Types of Articles You can Submit

We are looking for certain types of Articles which can go along with the nature of the website. Your article must be Original and must not contain any copied element from any website. So before submitting your articles you must know these points.

  1. The primary language of your Article should be English. Any quote in Hindi or any other Indian Language is acceptable.
  2. The Article must not be tiny in length. The Article should be 300 words or above. The article should be of readable length.
  3. The article should not be on Obscene topics such as Gambling, Poker, Terrorism etc. For instance your article should fall under these headings :-
    a. Technology
    b. Lifestyle and Fashion
    c. Education
    d. News
    e. Entertainment
  4. The Article should not contain any Abusive words on any terms. Any opinion of the writer which we found Defaming the name or the image of any human being is unacceptable except if it is a news.

Do not worry if your article does not qualify any of the above points. We can work together to find a way. A well written article is always accepted.

How to Submit Your Article

It is no Rocket Science to submit your article through us. If you are interested just fill in the Boxes given below and submit. We will contact you as soon as possible.


If you or any of your friends who are interested to submit your articles and want to publish them through our website www.youthtimes.in you can contact us for sure.





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