The 21st century the war against environment and humans have taken a violent turn as more and more number of natural biodiversity, forests were damaged for the purpose of human settlement. Apart from that humans have created the biggest crime by polluting the air, water, and land. Since these three things are very much important for human existence because it is the only planet where life is very much possible. It has become very much important to read environment articles for students now because they are the future generation of this planet and will become leaders in the future. 

In this article, we will explain the different components and their importance on the environment.

The Ecosystem

The ecosystem can be explained as the umbrella term but below the biodiversity for all living and non-living creatures and its dependency and co-existence on this planet. It is also known as the biosphere, the planet is an ecosystem which can hold all the creature starting from minute microscopic beings to complex beings and non -living formation in that particular ecosystem for example ocean ecosystems, rainforests, and deserts ecosystems. Eco-systems are also called micro-biodiversities. Therefore if the harmony is disrupted it can cause damages like floods, droughts, and famine, etc. So its totally important to understand all the cause and effect of all the activities as they are many environment articles for students to access. 

The Biodiversity 

Biodiversity is the ultimate term for the ecosystems and all the living and non-living creatures or species that are existing on this planet. It is estimated to be about 10 million specimens living on this planet.  Since Biodiversity is not just limited to creatures there are other processes like the natural air supply process, soil fertility, energy flow. For example, if forest areas are cut down for agricultural activities it can disbalance the entire ecosystem of that area. For example it can strip off the good bacteria of the soil and can damage the water retention levels of the soil. Apart from that, it will destroy the natural habitats of animal, and plants.

The Elements

As we have discussed in the introduction of the article that the main elements are air, water and soil or land. Hence it is important to conserve these for the survival of the planet. As humans or any other living organism can’t survive without these elements. For example, the ocean needs to be clean from pollution so that the whole marine ecology can survive.

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