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Whatsapp New Status Feature is Live Now and You Should Know About It

Whatsapp Status Feature Update

The much awaited and rumored feature of, the most popular social media app, Whatsapp  Status Update Feature has gone live now. This new update on Whatsapp has changed the way we used to look at the app before. This Status Feature Update does not require any update and you can can not miss or ignore it. All the major smartphone platform i.e. Android, iOS and Windows have received the Whatsapp New Status Feature.

Whatsapp Status Feature

Whatsapp is getting matured update by update and like Facebook it is getting inspired by it peers. Mark is constantly making us to look forward more to virtual life rather than real life. Whatsapp has become a part of our schedule rather than a utility app. Now the app is getting deeper into our lives through this Status Feature Update on Your Smartphone.

All You Need to Know About Whatsapp Status Feature

This New Status Update has completely revamped the view of the app. Now the app greets us by not 3 but 4 panes. These 4 Panes are as  follows :-


The camera pane as the name suggests directly opens the camera to click or record your moments and share them with your friends and acquaintances.


Chats pane has not gone through any major change except a button for a new chat which is in resemblance to Nougat UI. It shows all your chats as before.

Whatsapp New Status Update


Here is all the rush has been diverted to. Status is an all new pane in the app. Gone are the days of your simple text status which expressed your feeling for as many days you want. The New Status Feature brings multimedia functionality to it. People can now add an image or post a video recording and keep it as their status for not more than 24 hours. Yes it is like that only, we can’t help it. Your emotions and feelings now have a life of a day but they are now more expressive and cheerful. The new update resembles the Instagram  Stories and Snapchat Stories feature.


Call pane remains unnoticed as before. No one gives a damn about it. It shows your last video and audio calls as before, that’s it.

Whatsapp Status Feature Functions

How to Use the New Whatsapp Status Feature

Here it is, welcome to the new Status pane on Whatsapp. The Status pane will provide you with all the updates and notify you as your contacts update their status. Your status will show on the top of the pane as shown in the picture below. There will be a button in the bottom right corner from where you can update your new status may it be an image or a video. You can add text, caption and emojis to it to make it more expressive. As you will hit the send button your new status will be updated and would be visible to all in respect of your Status Privacy Setting. Yes you can also choose whether to show your status to any particular or not. You can find this setting in the top right corner of the app. This update has also come up with some more functionalities like you can see who has viewed your status and can reply directly as well.  These functions are applicable to others as well.

Whatsapp Status Privacy

Things Which We Hate about it

This New Status Feature has received a lot of flak on the internet and on social media as it has not been liked by many of the old and loyal users. Let us know about the Bad Things about the Status Feature on Whatsapp.

Old School Status Update

Gone are the days of simple texts which greeted the ones who viewed your profile for a long time. A text “At the Gym” is much simpler than clicking a picture while working out in the gym. It can be dangerous clicking a selfie while lifting weights. Right.

 Our Feelings will die Sooner

The status you will update will be available for 24 hours only after that it will disappear. It means you have to post a new status every morning. Guess updating a new status has now become more important than a Morning Yoga Session

Where is the Contact List

As you are reading the article you might be wondering about the contact list which used to be there. Now you can find all your contacts by clicking the New Chat Button. This is unnecessarily complicating the simplest things.

It is just a beginning, you will get much more updates regarding the bug fixes and stability improvements. Let us hope for the best for our beloved Whatsapp Messenger.


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