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Whatsapp Latest Update Brings Snapchat Like Features

Whatsapp Latest Update Brings Snapchat Like Features

Snapchat has gained so much of popularity and it is like everyone wants to be like him. It seems like Facebook is standing in front of the queue to add features like Snapchat into its own communication app Whatsapp. WhatsApp has introduced some new photo editing features which includes the ability to draw on your images, add emojis to your pictures, and use the on screen flash for the front-facing camera to enlighten the pictures in low light scenarios.



These features which are stated above are not new to the users. You too may be familiar with these features if you have used Snapchat. Snapchat has popularized these features and other social platforms like Facebook and Instagram have adopted it. Now Whatsapp is doing the same. The interface looks so similar to the one on Snapchat that you might not even be able to distinguish one from the other.



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Once you click a photo or record a video, you can add emoticons, draw on it, or add text to it – same as Snapchat. Adding to this, both apps use the open source Twemoji, so even the emoticons you add to your pictures are going to look same. Whatsapp also included in the update is the ability to zoom in the camera by sliding your finger up and down and you can quickly switch between front and rear-facing cameras by double tapping – again same as Snapchat.

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This new update should be gradually rolling out from today. So check on Google Play Store if you got an update or not. This update will soon be rolled out for iPhone users as well. WhatsApp appears to be moving toward a more mainstream messaging product.

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What are your views on the latest update of Whatsapp. If you have got the update share your opinions.

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