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Twitter or Facebook?


When asked for comments, my friend remarked, ‘Facebook is meant for the mass while Twitter is meant for a certain class!’. They have their differences and they attract their own crowds.

Twitter usually addresses small crowds with big things. You tweet issues of importance, with the word limit constraint of 140 words; whereas Facebook has no such constraints. Anyone can write about anything, of any length. Facebook is a better option to reach out to the masses; it is a bigger virtual community and is more personal. Twitter, on the other hand, is more impersonal, reaching a smaller population, hence, reaching the classes but not the masses.

Further, Facebook is more effective in spreading a news, since it has various tools like ‘like’, ‘share’ and commenting. Twitter on the other hand, allows you only to retweet, which is not always very effective. In a way, both are good: but in different spheres. One could say people are less pretentious on Twitter. On Facebook, one may just give a small thought and ‘like’ something, whereas in Twitter, if one chooses to be involved in a post, it is because it is important or that they have put some thought in it and then carried on.


Next, we explore the privacy settings. While on Facebook, you can control who sees what, you can decide that for every little thing. Photos can be private, so can posts. One can even block other people. If you choose, Facebook can be made safe; with only the people you deem fit aware of your activities. However, there are no such settings on Twitter. No ‘friend requests’ no blocking facilities. Anyone can see anything and everything on your account.

Next, Facebook has more advertisements: because of the sheer number of people it connects. Facebook is preferred by Multi-National Companies and Fast moving consumer goods. This can be quite irritating at times, constantly flashing ads don’t always make one feel like buying a product. Twitter gets a plus point here.

Overall, the view has been that Facebook is more of a social platform for social relationships, whereas Twitter is a social platform, more detached, and mainly for sharing matters of relevance.
So pick your choice depending on who you want to capture the attention of! The masses or the classes?

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