Top Fairness Creams for Men

Attaining a Fairer look for many of us including men can be like a dream but the real question is; how can one achieve that? Is it the fairness creams that help you get it? Can fairness creams and lotions really make you fair.

Well to say so, a few brands of fairness creams can somehow help you lighten the complexion 2-3 shades lighter with the help of brightening agents. These fairness creams for men can take away the tanning which is the major cause of skin darkening for men and also skin lightening agents can brighten up the skin colour by a few shades.

So, here we are discussing a few popular cream brands for men and take out the one’s that are the best fairness creams for men and as we know every person has a different skin type so we will give you a brief idea on the best fairness creams for men with oily skin as well as best fairness creams for men with dry skin.

List of best Fairness Creams for Men

1. Garnier Men PowerLight Intensive Fairness Moisturiser

Garnier Men PowerLight Intensive Fairness Moisturiser is a light weight fairness lotion that gets absorbed really quick which can be aptly used by men with oily skin tone. It is induced with lemon extracts that lightens the skin tone and active ingredients reduce the formation of melanin which causes the skin to get darker. The presence of SPF 15 acts as a sunscreen to protect the skin for getting any darker, making it a good fairness cream for men. Garnier being a good brand name is one of the popular brand creams for men. This cream is best suited as a fairness cream for men with oily skin.

2. Emami fair and handsome

Emami’s Fair & Handsome fairness cream for men has a deep action fairness system for the tough skin of men. It has multivitamins and Peptide for fairness for men’s skin. Emami is one of the best brand creams for men and can even be said as a best fairness night cream for men. This cream can easily be said the best fairness creams for boys as it comes within an affordable range. Apt as a fairness cream for men with a normal to dry skin.

3. Nivea Advanced Whitening Oil Control Moisturiser

Nivea Advanced Whitening Oil Control Moisturiser is an advanced whitening and oil control moisturiser. It’s advanced whitening properties gives an increased fairer look on skin and the oil control effect acts as a good skin absorbing moisturiser, it moisturises the men’s tough skin ideally for a brighter fairer complexion. And as the pack suggests it is oil control so it is apt as a fairness cream for men with oily skin.

Nivea is a household name and one can rely on it as a popular cream brand for men.

4.  L’Oreal Paris Men Expert White ActivPower4 Whitening Moisturizer

L’Oreal Paris Men Expert White ActivPower4 Whitening Moisturiser is infused with vitamin C to give you a clear skin, also the melanin block prevents the skin from getting any darker. This cream has multiple benefits on skin like, it removes dark spots, helps relieve uneven skin tone,removes the dull look from the face and the presence of SPF 20 protects the skin from harmful UV rays. This is the Best fairness cream for men and is amongst the popular cream brands for men. It can be suited for men as a men’s face cream for dry skin as well as oily skin and can also be said best fairness night cream for men as it can also be applied at night before sleeping.

5.  Neutrogena Fine Fairness Cream for men

Neutrogena Fine Fairness Cream for men can be used as a daily whitening cream for men. This cream is proven to give the skin a healthy, clear skin and gives long lasting moisturising to the skin, making it one of the best fairness creams for boys. This fairness cream for men also renews the outer skin layer by boosting the cell renewal process, helps rejuvenating skin and can be used as a night fairness cream for men. Neutrogena in itself being a quality conscious brand is a popular cream brand for men and is best suited for men with normal skin.

Above given were the top fairness cream brands for men along with the best fairness creams for boys, best fairness night creams for men and also face creams for men according to skin tone like fairness creams for men with dry skin and fairness creams for oily skin.

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