Badminton is one of the sports which is played by people of all ages and especially among youngsters which is made as a common sport in many contries.  Playing badminton has many benefits including health and makes the body more flexible. So, it depends upon the quality of the racket whether you are a casual player or a professional player.  In case, if you are searching for best badminton rackets beginners then there are many rackets available in stores where you pick and choose the perfect rackets that can suitable for playing. Below are the top badminton rackets for beginners in India.

Yonex Voltric Badminton Racket

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This racket offers brilliant timings when you are opting from Yonex company and has good features to play. The racket comes up with the tri-voltage system which gives you the advantage while timing at better shots and also decreases the vibrations for the convenience. So, the racket has only black color which has an average weight of around 83g and the price of the badminton racket comes at a less very cost.

Cosco CBX-450 Badminton Racket

The Cosco gives the customers with perfect product who are starting as a beginner and want to take up the sport very seriously. So, the badminton racket is made from graphite and has an amazing shape for playing the quality shots. Also, this racket will help in improving the overall technique of the player.

Ashaway Viper XT700 Badminton racket

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This badminton racket is known as the best badminton rackets beginners because of its good support material. So, the racket is amazing when weight and built using ultra-high-modulus with the graphite nanocarbon. Also, you can consider racket as the ideal value for money and must be your pick at all times.

Wilson Hyper 100 Single Frame

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The Wilson badminton racket is good for beginners who are learning from scratch and has a carbon body which increases the power and control of the racket. This badminton racket will offer durability to the product for making it ideal when they are starting at the stage of the game.

Usually, people are not aware of the features in the badminton racket that can benefit while they are starting the game. The above company products are the best badminton rackets beginners who are just started to play the game and have less idea about the rackets while opting. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about top badminton rackets for beginners in India. Thanks for reading!

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