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Top 5 Beautiful Mehndi Designs – Easy Henna Designs for Girls

Mehendi is primarily used in India, being conjointly called henna it comes from the Sanskrit word “Mendhika”. Apart from being used to draw on our hands and feet, henna is also used on other parts of the body such as the back or the arms giving it an orangish hue. The usual way to apply mehendi is to draw it on your skin and leave it for some hours to dry. Once the design starts crumbling, wipe it off with oil or water. Henna has also witnessed the technological revolution and today there are many henna patterns to make your body attractive.

Mehendi Designs for Girls

Demands for mehendi work is no longer limited to wedding seasons and cultural events, rather girls fancy the adornment all year round, although the business may not be brisk all the time. What was traditionally a custom in only few cultures, has moved out and beyond national boundaries as women flock to mehendi artists to get the recent designs in vogue painted on their hands and feet.There are many mehendi artists out in the market who have their own wonderful designs which may range from intricate to simple like the back tattoo, lace glove style ranging from the chic designs to donning a feather design on the arms. Some of these mehendi designs for girls are pictured above.

Bridal Mehendi Designs

Mehendi has always been known as one of the most important parts for a wedding ceremony. Mehendi after removing usually in brown or red in color and is very important as the red color of the bridal mehendi during wedding beautifies her and it also has an importance for the couple as the deep color of the bridal mehendi signifies a good omen and is auspicious. And if there is something different in the hands of the bride then it is the bride and the groom design which is generally intricated in it.

Mehendi Design Tricks

Classy mehendi designs are especially in vogue. But have you ever wondered how to keep that special mehendi design longer? Some tricks to improve your mehendi designs are (1) To get a good quality cone. If the mehendi is pure, it will work! (2) After the mehendi gets dry make a mixture of sugar and lemon juice. With the same lemon dab the juice over the mehendi design to make it last longer. (3) Use baby oil to scrub off the mehendi instead of washing it with water or soap to give it a deep color. (4) Lastly, Apply mustard oil after you remove mehendi as it is a great color stimulant.

Bridal Mehendi Designs for Hands



Wedding is the most important season and reason for the mehendi, the Bridal mehendi ceremony takes place two or three days before wedding that is pre-wedding and people enjoy putting mehendi designs on full hands. There are many types of the mehendi designs like rajasthani style, arabic style, flower style, peacock design and many more.

Mehendi Designs for Feet

Mehendi on feet are not only reserved for brides. You can get the perfect summer henna design by drawing on the naked flesh of your feet. There are several simple designs to choose from, some of which only cover your toes and ankles and others that work up all the way to your shin. You can also get a modern tattoo run along the length of your sole and embellish it with stones and glitter to get an ornamented feet.

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