Top 5 actresses with fake lips in Bollywood

If you are wondering how all Bollywood actresses are simply born with luscious lips, then it’s all thanks to lip collagens and fillers that have taken the industry by storm lately. One very famous Plastic Surgeon claimed that 80% of the Bollywood celebrities get their beautiful looks due to cosmetic surgery. In this article, we have listed top five famous Bollywood celebrities in recent times who have gone under the knife for beautiful (or so they think) lips!

#5 Kangana Ranautkangana-ranaut-before-and-after

As funny as it sounds – when news of her lip job was doing rounds, Kangana claimed she had a prawn allergy. Ya right! Kangana, allergies don’t last for anything more than 3-4 days! If you have seen her earlier films Gangster and Life in a Metro, Kangana had very thin lips but you will know Kangana Ranaut went for lip correction if you noticed her permanent pout of late!

#4 Koena Mitra


Koena Mitra is probably the only Bollywood actress who destroyed her flourishing career by resorting to unnecessary hobbies like plastic surgeries. As much as we feel sorry for Koena, she probably went through the worst lip surgery in Bollywood.

#3 Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif fake lips

Looks like Katrina Kaif was advised by her managers to shed the “girl next door” image and go for a more “sexy” avatar. So after the sweet Jenny in Ajab Prem ki gazab Kahani, Katrina decided to go under the knife to get luscious lips. And there was a striking change last year when she appeared in Ek Tha Tiger, Jab Tak Hain Jaan … and the tantalizing Chikni Chameli.

#2 Anushka SharmaAnushka Sharma fake lips


Following footsteps of Katrina, Ms Sharma is also running after that perfect pout! Anushka felt her acting skills were not enough to survive in Bollywood and took no time in getting her lips bitten by a bee…to fall into the “Sexy” category of Bollywood heroines. She looks weird!

#1 Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone fake lips

Deny as she may like it, Deepika Padukone definitely has gone under the knife to make her lips fuller. This was evident when her film “Desi Boyz” released in 2011 and we felt there was something very different about the way she smiled. The otherwise carefee Deepika was seeing spotting a stern pout instead!

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