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Top 10 Popular Bun Hairstyles for Long Hair

High buns have been in trend since a while now and if you have long hair then you can make ample of different styles with your bun. Well if you talk about buns then up until the last year, the typical sock bun hairstyle was in vogue. Although easy to make but it was kind of just a simple bun. But the year 2017 has entered with a line of fashion in terms of different hairstyles and with them are a few different hairstyles you can try on with a bun.

So, let us further discuss the top 10 popular bun hairstyles for long hair with some bun hairstyle tips and the best bun hairstyle tricks.

Top 10 Popular Bun Hairstyles For Long Hair

1. Twisted bun Hairstyle

The twisted bun hairstyle is one such bun which is easy to make, is trendy and when made uptight can last for a complete day. This bun hairstyle tip goes like just making a half curled in pony and then twisting the remaining downside hair around uptight and then fixing it up in the shape of a bun. The best trick for bun hairstyle is to start with making a high ponytail which will give the bun a neat look. This is a popular bun hairstyle.

2. Braid Into Bun Hairstyle

A braided bun.

The best trick for bun hairstyle of this kind is to start with making neat braids on both side or the mid partition of your hair and then curling them up in a mid way bun. This is an apt hair bun for long hair.

3. Low Side Bun Hairstyle

This side bun hairstyle looks classy and is perfect to go with a cocktail dress. The best bun hairstyle trick for a chic low bun like this is just using a few rollers and straighteners is your hair o make them manageable and then tying them up neatly in a low bun as shown in the tutorial. It is another popular bun hairstyle.

4. Low Twisted Bun Hairstyle

This low bun hairstyle is another chic hairstyle for women with long hair, you can nail this hairstyle with an off shoulder tube dress. Applying serum to keep the loose ends in place in a simple and best trick to bun hairstyle that stays low and classy.

5. Easy Ballet Bun Hairstyle

A ballet high bun is nothing but a pulled up high bun that is sleek. You can try this high bun on a really hot summery day to prevent the sweating and feeling bothered with the loose hair. Also a tip for bun hairstyle is tying a really high and tight bun and applying serum to the hair to keep the bun in place.

6. French Bouffant Bun Hairstyle

Just like a french delicacy, this french bouffant bun too has a neat texture to it and to nail this look you just need a smooth and neat created bun. The use of serum and some mousse and steady hands to create this look is the best trick for this bun hairstyle, also it is one of the top bun hairstyles.

7. Braided Fishtail Bun Updo

The above tutorial will get you sorted for this low fishtail braided hair bun. This is a new style of hair bun in 2017 and is set to be the top bun hairstyle of the year. 

8. Messy High Bun with Puffy Top

Here is a messy high bun for those with long hair, just a gorgeous and a sweet bun hairstyle. You can look so cute with this look if fringes be a part of your hairdo, also a sweet looking hair accessory will sure add to the cuteness, this is one trick for a bun hairstyle as sweet as this.

9. Low Side Loop Bun Hairstyle

A low side loop bun can be made by just folding and tucking a ponytail inside with a elastic band. A great tip for bun hairstyle like this is adding ample amount of mousse to your hair to keep to loop bun in place and adorning it with a cute bow. This is one of the top bun hairstyles.

10. Twisted Bun with Crystal Hair Clips

A twisted bun can also look pretty with these glittering crystal embellishments. This hairdo will be perfect for that date night or a prom party. A best and top bun hairstyle for college girls to make them look oh-so-pretty.

Above discussed were the top popular bun hairstyles with some tips of bun hairstyle and best tricks for bun hairstyle.

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