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Top 10 Beautiful Hairstyles For Girls

Are you tired of your same boring hairstyle? Do you always wish to do something new and different with your hair? If you think experimenting with your hair might just damage them then here is the good news for you, in this article I am going to tell you about ten different hairstyles which can be done at home without the help of a professional.
Here they are –

1. Braids

Braided hair is a type of hairstyle in which hair is woven together in one thick plate or two on either side of the hair. It is a popular hairstyle among girls and there are different kinds of braids like fish tail, croched braids and french braids.

Fishtail braidBollywood-Actress-in-Fishtail-braid

It is a type of braid made with two sections of hair instead of three and once done resembles a fish tail.

Crochet braid – It is made by making as many braids as possible depending on the volume of your hair. The hair is divided into many sections and then braided separately.

French braids 

In a french braid, braiding begins with the small sections of hair and gradually more hair is gathered as the braid progresses. This exercise is continued until it forms a standard three-part braid.

2. Short Bob style


It is a haircut for women in which hair is cut straight around the head at about jaw level. It is usually done with fringes(bangs) at the front,this adds more glamour to the look. Remember Rihanna in song “Umbrella” and you know what I am talking about. In recent days this hairstyle is done by cutting hair short from one side and leaving say an inch longer on the other side.

3. High ponytail


Nothing can beat when it comes to a high pony tail. If you have straight hair, then a high pony tail makes your  hair look more beautiful. You just tie them with a hair band and allow to hang freely. It is done by collecting all the hair and then tying them tightly.

4. Side Flat twists

Leave one side of your hair as it is and then for the other try to make a single braid and adjust it with a hair pin at the end or just make twists by rolling your hair in the simplest way possible and with the help of hair pins adjust them. You can also try twisting your hair from both the sides.

5. Braided bun


Divide your hair into two equal halves and make braids from both the sides.Take both the braids and tie them with a bun. You can also try making a bun first leaving portion of your  hair that you want to be braided. Then make the two braids and leave them in front or tie them with a hair pin.

Buns are also very common among girls,if you are late for work or want a simple and comfortable look then buns are a thumbs up. You can easily tie all your hair so that scattered hair do not fall in your hair. Buns are simple but they look classy if carried in a right way.

6. Messy curlsDia-Mirza-in-Messy-curls

Blow dry your hair after hair wash,and curl them with a curling iron. After this, tie them in a bun for 20 mins and then open them. You will get a messy hairstyle in which your hair seem straight from top but curly at the bottom. If your hair texture is silky and straight then the process might take some more time,say 30-40 minutes.

7. Puff with a ponytailDeepika-Padukone-ponytail-hairstyle

Did you see Deepika Padukone in lungi dance? That is the hairstyle I am talking about. Make a high puff by raising your hair from the surface of your head and joining them with a curly ponytail. For a curly ponytail, take the help of a curler or follow the steps given in the above hairstyle.

8. Short bangs hairstylePriyanka-Chopra-in-Short-bangs-hairstyle

You cannot have bangs until you get a haircut done. Ask your salon to do bangs for your hair and then let lose your hair. They look stylish with long,medium as well as short length hair. You can make ponytail,leave them as it is or tie them in a bun with bangs covering half of your forehead. This look is subtle, cute and perfect for everyday use.

9. Crazy crimps


Use a thickening spray by misting your hair. Take two inch sections and crimp them, make sure you crimp your hair as near to the roots as you can. It is necessary to crimp each section, if there is an area that needs more crimping then redo that area. To keep from brushing the crimping out,turn head upside down and run your fingers through your hair.

10. Emo hairstylePopular-Emo-hairstyle

It is one of the hottest hair styles today, it is associated with a punk and unique style. It allows girls to form the hair in he way they want, whether it be highlighting hair color or short mullet style. You can experiment with your style, try chopped hair, or crazy highlights.

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