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Tips to Study & Memorize those Big Fat Books

“Hall 6 of the central library”, said my friend. I was searching for Engineering Mechanics by Beer and Johnston and there it was. A large obese book that came with a deluge of neatly stacked pages well bound. We have all come across this situation when we had to pick a book twice heavier than ourselves. We all ponder how to actually complete reading that entity. Well, this is what helped me.Engineering-Books

• Do not be scared
It is very important that you do not lose hope looking at the size of the book. Not all topics covered by the book would be prescribed for your syllabus. The book is just an attempt by the author to help the reader understand well.

• Have a strict schedule
Plan your time well. When you are in full swing, check out for the syllabus and start reading. Have a pencil in hand and start reading. Mark all the important points. You may add notes.

• Tackle the important points
A large book doesn’t imply burden of greater magnitude. The book is large only because of clearer cut examples, solved problems and exercises for the benefit of the reader.

• Appreciate the author and the subject
This is so that you develop interest and be mentally active in going through the book. You like the subject and subject likes you.

• Memorize efficiently
In subjects requiring memory, divide the topic into parts and revise them individually. When you are confident club your ideas together and revise the topic at one go. Repeat the process over and over till you gain sufficient confidence.

• Work out the exercises
It is important that you keep track of your progress by working out problems after each sub-topic ends. Carefully refer everything you have highlighted, the diagrams and the plots.

• Analyze
After completing each topic analyse what you have learnt. For easy memorising, try developing links between topics or with any random idea that comes to your mind so that you remember for long.

• Take a break
Occasionally, take a break. Find time for leisure and self-expression to un-mount the stress.

• Find a study space
To delve deep into the subject with complete concentration, choose an environment that keeps your mind at peace and lights up your interest.

Studying alone or Studying in a Group – Which is Better?

• Group study
Group study helps in better sharing of knowledge. Trying to learn in a group always has its advantage. It helps to cover all aspects at one go keeping away distractions, having fun, keeping up interest and gaining knowledge.

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