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Tips and Tricks to Naturally Remove Unwanted Facial Hair

Women are beautiful naturally, be it of any shape, size or colour. But being a woman and maintaining that beauty is not easy. Depending of today’s era there are many problems that hinder one’s beauty like the polluted weather, changing environment, stressful lifestyle and all these factors lead to hormonal imbalance in women. In medical terms, this hormonal imbalance which results in the abnormal hair growth (on the face as well as the body) in women is called hirsutism.

Now, the question arises how to remove facial hair?

Here is the answer, there are several ways of removing unwanted facial hair which can range from the chemical treatments to the laser hair removals. But all these treatments are expensive and time consuming and can only give you a 70-80% result, also these treatments are temporary and harm your skin. Thankfully, you do not need to worry as we have some tips and tricks to naturally remove unwanted facial hair. These natural methods of removing facial hair do not harm the skin and are set to remove hair while satisfying you with it’s results.

Let us discuss now the tips to remove facial hair naturally and some of the best hair removal tricks.

Tips to Remove Facial Hair Naturally-

  • Gelatin Peel-Off Mask

Gelatin is very helpful in removing unwanted facial hair, though it is a bit sticky and smelly but for that you can use some lemon juice and essential oils. Gelatin is proven in removing unwanted hair, dead skin and blackheads and are sure to give you satisfied results.


Add lemon juice and lavender oil to gelatin.

Heat it for a few seconds.

Apply the mixture on the face where you want to remove unwanted hair.

Let it stay for a few minutes.

Remove the mask after it dries off.

  • Gram flour

Gram flour acts as a natural hair removing agent. Being all natural, this face pack when used with turmeric and honey will give you best results.


Mix gram flour with turmeric powder and some milk forming a thick paste.

Apply it over the face where you see unwanted hair.

Let it stay for 15-20 minutes and wash it off with lukewarm water.

You can also replace milk with curd and rose water in this mixture to give that extra moisture and glow to the face. This can be said as the best face pack to remove unwanted facial hair as it also contains these ingredients which gives a glow to the face and moisturise it.

  • Apricot and Honey Scrub

Apricot is found to be very effective in removing facial hair and when it is mixed with another ingredient called honey, it makes excellent facial scrub that will help in getting rid of unwanted hair on the face.


Take one or two apricots and make a coarse powder of it by crushing it in a blender.

Mix honey to this apricot powder and make a paste of it.

Now apply this scrub to you face and start rubbing in circular direction on the areas where you want to get rid of hair.

Let it stay for 20 minute and then clean your face with water.

This is another trick to remove unwanted facial hair.

  • Egg White

Egg white is known to soothe the skin while at the same time it helps in disrupting the hair from its follicles with the enzymes contained in it. The properties of egg white are harsh on unwanted hair but soft on the skin and it doesn’t harm your skin in any way making it an easy and best hair removal trick.


Take egg white and mix it with corn flour and sugar forming a thick paste,

Apply it to the region where you wish to remove unwanted hair.

Let the paste stay for 20 minutes and then wash it off.

You will see a visible difference from the first time itself. egg whites has nourishing properties and it is also easy and cheap to use making it a best trick to remove unwanted hair.

Above discussed were some natural tips and tricks on removing unwanted facial hair, also discussed were the best tricks to remove facial fair. we hope now you queries on how to remove facial hair naturally at home are solved.

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