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Time Management – Tips and Skills


They say, “You may delay it, time will not”. They also say, “Time is precious. Waste it wisely”. Whatever the course of life be, time management plays a conspicuous role in determining the outcomes of it. He who has kenned the importance an effective management of time firms up has the key to many doors. It is a trait hard to come by but with some retrospection and discipline, it is not hard to keep up by.

Time Management encompasses a wide scope of activities, and these include planning, allocating, setting goals, delegation, analysis of time spent, monitoring, organizing, scheduling, and prioritizing.

If that looks covered in clouds of ambiguity, let us have a look on the major themes that time management include.

  • Creating an Environment conducive to effectiveness

A healthy environment that helps in delivering the best of you is a key aspect of this theme. The first step is to get organized. Do not toggle between the various facets of your work. Clamp them down to a systemic schedule or timeline. We all develop habits as result of our activities but make sure, you develop those that keep you ahead of schedule. Procrastination is off the record at all times.

  • Setting of priorities and carrying out the activities priority wise

Life always provides us with choices that fill to the brim but the wise man knows how to set his priorities right. “No pain, no gain”. This calls for an analysis of given tasks along with the deadlines so that your priorities are popped out under the right focus in the right direction.

  • Reduction of time on non-priorities

Protect your time. Keep away from distractions. Good work will eventually lead to leisure when you can feed your distractions and keep them off during work. Do not let the sand glass lose what it holds.

  • Implementing goals

Have a checklist of your tasks and prepare yourself to complete them in minimal time, not compromising the standards. If you feel slow in pace, then achieve your goal through goal-focus. This will keep you motivated.

These form a major chunk of time management in general. True, we all are at times forced to take a detour. We may have to alter our priorities due to unforeseeable circumstances. Or it is possible that the leisure has got onto our sleeves or that we lack motivation. But regardless of all that, the above four themes always will guide an individual to the betterment of him and his work.

Manage time and it will manage you.

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