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This Whatsapp Latest Update 2017 for Android will Shock You

This Whatsapp Latest Update 2017 for Android will Shock You

New Update for Whatsapp brings Screenshot Notification

Whatsapp for Android is the most downloaded social media app. It has gone through many updates and evolve from year to year. Whatsapp has voice calling feature now it has Video calling functions up its sleeves. BUT this New Update on Whatsapp will definitely give you a shock.

Whatsapp Latest Update

Most of us have a habit of taking a screenshot of the chat box and show it to other friends to mock him/her. Couple use those screenshots to tease them or keep them as a proof of their promises. If you know what I mean. Now if you take a screenshot of a chat box a notification will be send to that person.

Yes you read it Right

Soon an Update on Whatsapp is going to roll out after which if your boyfriend or girlfriend tries to capture your messages to show it to others they will get an instant notification as soon as screenshot is taken on the smartphone.

Whatsapp ScreenShot Update for Android

There is no such rock solid information regarding when this Latest Update on Whatsapp is going to arrive but this will happen soon. Such feature is also present in Snapchat – another social media app for sharing photos. In Snapchat if someone tries to capture a screenshot of your Pictures you will get a notification for this. Whatsapp will soon provide this New Update for Screenshot Notification for Android. This update will firstly arrive for the beta users of Whatsapp. To download the Latest Update of Whatsapp you can head on to the Play Store of your Device. You can have the latest version of Whatsapp on your smartphone.


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