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This Rajasthani Version of Sia’s Cheap Thrills will make your day

Have you ever thought of having Macroni with Rajasthani Daal-Baati? or Chow mein with Chaach? NO?  may be it is a bad idea but What if such combination of Rajasthani flavour is added to Western base, What if Rajathani touch is given to Western Music? It may result into something wonderful? Of course it can as Rajasthani Singer Rajnigandha Shekhawat has proven it.

Rajanigandha Shekhawat has done a Rajasthani Cover of Sia’s Cheap Thrills. Cheap Thrills is the same number which topped our playlists for weeks wherein we got to listen Sia’s amazing voice with Sean Paul’s Reggae Rap. This time the same song Cheap Thrills is presented to us with some Rajasthani touch to it by Rajani Gandha Shekhawat.

Here is the song along with Video in which Cheap Thrills is sung in Rajasthani Style with rajasthani Background.

We all must know that Rajnigandha Shekhawat is the same singing sensation who sang in Badrinath ki dulhaniya’s Title Track. And Now She has gifted us with another gem in form of What she calls Cheap Thrills Rajasthani Folk Mashup.  Rajnigandha Shekhawat has a great musical background and a sound music practice as she has performed in more than 300 concerts where she sings Sufi poetry to Noor jahan.

She has added Ghoomar Ko Lenjo, a well-known folk song from Rajasthan with Khartaal, Morchhang, Nagada and Rawanhatta sounds to give a Rajasthani feel and fused them with the song. Cheap Thrills can’t be better than this rendition in marwari/rajasthani.

This Rajasthani rendition of Cheap Thrills is much more of an ingenious Idea.The song has gone viral, with over 400k+ views and 9k shares on the Facebook platform. No wonder this version would become Internet sensation in few days.



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