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This Metal Cover of “Made In India” by Alisha Chinai will make your day

We still can’t get over the 90’s Era of Indie Rock and Poll which we filled our childhood with some electrifying music. And When we talk about 90’s era one cannot forget the name of one of the Greatest and beautiful singer Alisha Chinai. We all remember her songs from Ishq se Ishq to Made In India and we know it lyrically as they ruled radio as well as television at the same time. Few Days back Alisha Chinai celebrated her 52th birthday  and it seems like yesterday.

This era in terms of creativity Sucks! big time as we have to listen to same boring auto tuned crap and the ruining  of our favorite songs from 90’s era. It seems that Bollywood music  as well as music Industry is devoid of any new material these days. Whenever we turn on our TV we are shoved it the same tasteless pop music which is not only bad but makes us feel like pulling out hair. We do not think of Downloading MP3 these days we just stream it live on any App.

This time we have brought to you something different, something you may never had imagined and something which gives a breath of fresh air to something that you might like, OK! no more phrases. This time we have brought to you a metal cover of 90’s classic Made in India By Alisha Chinai which will make you fall in Love with metal if you are not fond of it.  This cover is done by a youtuber called Shivraj Karkera. Shivraj has not only given the metallic touch to the song but also gave it some bad ass and hilarious lyrics.

Here is the full video:


If it reaches Alisha Chinai it will surely make her happy as well as thankful for it will be a great birthday gift for her.We hope that it made your day and it has instilled in you a hope that may be later we regain the lost glory of music which we used to have in 90’s.


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