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The Best of Nail Art Looks in 2017

As summers are round the corner, we are already planning to replenish your spring wardrobe with stripes, florals, and nautical details but what about the little details? Giving an equal importance to your manicure is very important and here we are with some of the best nail art looks of 2017. 

In our post we will be discussing 2017 nail art designs, easy nail designs and nail art hacks at home.

Color Pop Design

2017’s fresh nail art will inspire your manicures all season long. There are electric-orange colors, detailed line work, color blocking, and trend-forward metallic shades. Right above is shown a picture to get a color block nail art hack at home

Modern Metallics

If you have a yen for classic modern art, you will find this design so appealing that you will find yourself doing it again and again. Since the design is relatively simple, you can easily do the same design on both hands. All you need to do is try and get the lines right.

Black Accent Trends

High-shine black polish is making its mark as 2017’s best nail accessory. Whether vertically stripe,curved around the cuticle, or painted at the tips—it’s a simple but bold look that appears equally chic. Above is shown home nail art hack to try the black trend.

Graphic French

The french manicure continues to be redesigning itself in 2017 with a pop of color. It is as simple as getting a french manicure at home, only that a tint of color make it stand out. Graphic french manicure can be mastered with just a little precision and a steady hold on hands.

Shown below is a french manicure nail art hack at home.

Shown above were some trending nail art designs of 2017 with nail art photos for the best nail designs and some nail art hacks at home.

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