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Swami Om gets detained at the Bigg Boss Grand Finale Venue

Swami Om gets detained at the Bigg Boss Grand Finale Venue

The Lunatic Godman Swami Om also known as Bawali Baba Has kept his words after so much of Warnings he kept on giving on various news channels and he reached the Bigg Boss sets to disrupt the Finale Event as he Promised as Of course he was not expected or invited to the Event.

swami om detained at big boss sets finale venue by lonawala police

And as expected He tried to disrupt the Bigg Boss 10 Finale Event scheduled this day, But Before he could do anything Lonawala Police Reached the spot and Fortunately Swami Om was detained by the Police in order to prevent the greater Harm.

Earlier he threatened to reach the Bigg Boss Finale Venue at Lonawala in order to stop the event as he stated while openly threatening to kill Salman Khan before the Bigg Boss 10  Finale and said many more obnoxious yet ridiculous things  like calling him ISI agent and anti national , Read the whole Issue and watch the Video here.

He even said that he has an army of 1 Lakh soldiers from Hindu sena as well as Backing from Shiv Sena and BJP. He further said that even Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also supporting him in his mission to beat Salman Khan. He said he hates Salman Khan since he assaulted Aishwarya Rai, that day according to Swami Om, Salman Started his mission to convert nation into an Islamic territory.

Swami om has been the real gunda of Bigg boss 10 since he splashed his pee on Bani and Rohan during the captaincy task. Post his filthy act, the entire house demanded his exit from the show. And this time the makers of the show also decided that all of this should come to an end. The worst thing is the old man showed no signs of guilt for what he did. Rather, he talked to the camera and told Bigg Boss that urine is no poison. So, even if he threw it on someone it is no crime. Later, when he felt that he might land himself in trouble, he announced that it was only water and not his urine that he threw on Bani. Watch the video Here.

swami om detained at big boss sets finale venue by lonawala police2

No Wonder He could have done whatever he said in the interview and the video.

Swami Om None the less had full intention to spoil the Bigg Boss 10 Finale Event as he was spotted near the Bigg Boss Finale set but Lonawala Police playing the Pro-active role reached the spot and caught hold of Swami Om before he could do anything he promised to do.

The Colors Channel has however refused to comment on anything related to Swami Om but the Tweets and the social media reaction is telling a whole together different story.

swami om detained at big boss sets finale venue by lonawala police3

Tweets regarding the news of Swami Om reaching Bigg boss sets and getting detained.

We wish that the news of Swami Om getting detained turn out to be true.


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