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Sunny Deol’s Hilarious Version Of Kaala Chasma Is Wayyyyyy Better Than Katrina’s!

Sunny Deol has given us good times. But with time, our perspectives changed and what was once good became pretty darn hilarious. In this dance from the past that has been mashed with Kaala Chasma, Sunny is verrrrrryy funny.kala chasma feat Sunny Deol

Katrina Kaif’s Kaala Chasma has been making waves in India since it was released and people have been going gaga over it.


Now, here is Sunny Deol with his dance moves and Kaala Chasma to rock you in a tad different manner.


Here’s A Video Of Sunny Deol Dancing To Kala Chashma You Didn’t Know You Needed!

Oh internet, I love you! A video mashup of Sunny Deol‘s dance moves with the current chartbuster Kala Chashma is doing the rounds on social media and it is absolutely crazy. I mean, it is absolutely brilliant.



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