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Sonam Kapoor Rants against reporters for their sexist headlines About her Dress

Neerja Fame Sonam Kapoor is always in news for being straight, blunt without any hesitation. She is also know for her crazy outfits during award ceremonies, Sonam Kapoor just won the Filmfare Critics Choice Award for her beautiful Instant Knockout performance in ‘Neerja’. After a decade in the industry -a decade of naysayers telling her that couldn’t act, of being called a bimbo, of social media catfights, and ruthless gossip, she finally got her moment in the sun.

Sonam Kapoor attended a champagne launch party in her beautiful self and even beautiful Rasario Atelier creation of a black jumpsuit and turned heads. 

Sonam Kapoor with Singer anushkha manchanda

This time the matter got a little muddy this time where reporters reached a new low by flashing certain headlines about her outfit which were near to be profane and obviously sexist. Let us have a look at the type of photographs and headlines which were punched by our so called progressive reporters.


Newspaper clipping showing the side angle of Sonam Kapoor in a profane way

Image Source: Twitter/Shazmeen Kara‏



What do You see self pride of Sonam Kapoor or any obscenity?

We think that is enough to show the myopic thinking and understanding of these reporters, then What? Sonam Kapoor returned with a bang with the following tweets.


Her First Tweet


Media Houses would remember that for decades

Seeing all this certain celebrities came out in support of Sonam Kapoor, here are certain tweets:

Bhoomi came out in support of Sonam Kapoor


Sophie choudry showing her support to sonam kapoor

This is not the first time Sonam Kapoor has came out powerful, she has always came up with her views and perspective without thinking about people’s reaction towards it.  While speaking about feminism fearlessly she said that she has been a feminist when she was 21 years old.

At the Event also she spoke very strongly here is what she said:

“I don’t believe in censorship. Everybody should have their own choices in whether they want to wear a burkha or a bikini. Same goes with the choice of their religion, the way they want to dress, preference of sexuality, decisions on their education and marriage. The more you censor someone, there will be more rebellions out there,” Kapoor said.

We talk of women empowerment, we talk of equality and we talk of being progressive but at the end we can not get rid of our myopic mentality. What these reporters did was sheer irresponsible act by them going against the ethics of journalism.


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