Solution Of Corruption?

From where and when the corruption takes its way is not so important, what exactly is important is how to stop it? What would be the exact solution of corruption. Baat to sabhi kartey hai.. so, the point is everyone know very much about Indian corruption rates and its root.Solution-Of-Corruption

Maybe one of the solution is that every single person who belongs to our system have to be loyal to it and following our constitution in a proper way. And every means…every, we, the government employee, everyone. Following constitution is a thing which is very much tough to digest. When someone asks about our constitution then our answer would be just the fundamental rights: to humanity, freedom, speech, education, against exploitation, of religions, equality and remedies. Nobody actually wants to understand our full constitution (of course, including me), because we don’t have too much of time to read such a lengthy thing which is as important as raising voice against injustice. And after all, the people who made our constitution were unaware about the dark condition of the present system.

Only government is not responsible for boosting corruption. We have to move forward and take the responsibilities. After all, we choose them to run it and if we are not honest then how we can expect them to be loyal to us. Politicians only reflect what we really are. Believe it or not but we want the corrupted system because its only the way through which we can make our work to be done easier and faster. We, the youth, have become so much like ‘running rabbits’ that we want every official work to be done as soon as possible, for the sake of which we want to throw as much as we can.

Yeah! It’s true, we do so because our system is very slow or maybe they want to be slow because they know that the end of the day, we will throw. It’s nothing like we don’t want to be loyal/honest, it’s just we don’t want to be honest only.

Kyunki hamey sikhaya bhi yehin jata hai. Hamare parents Hamey Kabhi ye nahi boltey ki ‘beta, imandaar bano’, they only say one thing, ‘beta, bada Aadmi bano’.

Loyalty and wealth are two corners of a line. If we move towards loyalty then we have to leave the dream of ‘wealth’ and vice versa. Maybe, if we’ll just stay in mid of that line then it could work in a better way. But, who can just give a pause to hunger?!

May be we can say, without corruption things cant work. E.g., if there are 100 people wanting to buy ration, then there will be only 1 ration shop. And in 1 day the shop can only sell to 20. So the other 80 people are willing to jump the queue, do any kind of jugaad so that they don’t go hungry. So basically, what we turn to do is that we give some extras to jump the queue. The solution is maybe, by placing 5 more ration shop in an area. But, who’ll do that? The trucks plying on highway are allowed to carry only 5 tonnes. Which is the load capacity of the truck but if the transporter puts only 5 tonnes, then he is going at a loss. He has to stop his trucks from operating. Govt knows this! So the policemen take hafta from each and every truck driver. The government is not blind. So if you ask a businessman, don’t pay bribe, he will laugh at you. Do you want to remain in business or you want to feed your children. The problem is business men when given an opportunity to do things honestly, still want to make an extra dishonest buck. They don’t want to leave that one extra buck. So, basically all are co-related. Businessman want to earn more to feed his family and who’ll take the advantage: Policemen? Because he want to feed his family more and more. Corruption is keh saktey hai ki, becomes a way of living lifestyle not to survive.

If I’ll take an example of a medical college then as they know that there is a shortage of it and say ‘Let there be shortage, because only then will we make money. The business man will come to us saying “How much do I pay you for a license to set up a medical college?” The politician says – I know you will take 50 lakhs for a seat, so let me set up the medical college myself. Today 50% of the medical colleges are owned by politicians. So, result of which instead of planning new medical institutes, they keep on increasing the no. of seats which makes us happy that ‘ wow! How much the govt. Think about us’. Basically, I am not saying not to increase the no. of seats, but management is what requires here. So shortage is what makes the politician. He cannot see beyond his own interest. How can he allow more colleges to come up. His job is to make good quality colleges possible, set up and follow rules and regulations for basic quality of such colleges.

Transportation! Every city in India, every city is crumbling because of lack of roads. Very rare to see those buses are not overloaded, and roads are not jammed. These are not priority things because if vehicles and public transport is smooth then people will think that things are working only because there no corrupt people. But, we like to get overloaded, we become used to it. We don’t want to think. The govt. Is not thinking about tripling the no. of buses because they know that end of the day, we’ll jump over that overloaded vehicle and die one day on road just to earn few extra bucks.

Mismanagement and corruption are two sides of the same coin. Managing the thing for future together with the present will only let us to reduce corruption. But, who wants to think that? What bother us is just present not the future. Managing of present in the form of earning extra buck leads to mismanaging the future and boost corruption in all way. All what we want is just extra! Today corruption becomes a medium for all of us to live our lifestyle not surviving because we can survive by our white income but who will buy us a car and a bungalow? Who will help us to get ration from ration shop immediately?

By giving the right education of system to us is the way to stop corruption. The right education will let us to decide that to whom we should give a vote. But, what about the geeks who are already well educated and represent India as a big corporate who helps in boosting corruption. Maybe media manipulation is one of the reasons which let them not to choose the right one. They show that the XYZ party is having that.. And that manifests on us and hum chaley jatey hai to give them the vote. They will only show what we want to see. An educated person is not the one who is graduate…an educated person is also the one who had studied the system and analyzed the system. So, every single adult is capable of judging the best and the worst. But, the thing is that: we were asked to vote for the best of the worst and that becomes mandatory. And if we, by mistake, select the right person then what is the guarantee that he/she will not get corrupted. I mean…they’ll not enter the administration of system to evacuate it. Willingly or unwillingly they have to become corrupt because we want them to be that. We think that cheating, to some extent, is okay. Just because we follow and deference power not transcendence and dexterity that’s why the corruption is framed under empowered species. This is the best example of to be ‘uneducated by learning books’.

Well, if I just go and write about the corruption in India, then of course, It will take a decade for me. You are reading this and maybe for a moment, you’ll think about it but what exactly happen after that is you’ll get busy with your life where you have more important things to do and of course me too. It’s because we have already admitted that ‘system ka kuch nahi ho sakta!’. But, it’s nothing like that. After all its never be late. We can bring changes in our system but for that, first we have to think not to become an insatiable for money, for faster results, which is quite impossible.

Well, we have to admit that there is not any solution to stop corruption, especially in the condition which our country is facing in regards to corruption. To stop it, we have to say ‘not okay’ where we cheat others to move faster and top, where we want to be lazy and adjust ourselves with the system.

Yes! At least we can reduce the rate of corruption by balancing our needs and loyalty. If we are thinking to go ‘faster’ then we have to think to go ‘fast’. If we are thinking to be ‘very rich’ then we have to think to be ‘rich’. And this applies to all – aam aadmi, politicians, corporate, civil servants…EVERYONE who is a part of our system. Then possibly, corruption will get reduced. So, i’ll leave this thing on you.

Anyways, that’s all. I need to leave this article here only. I have to get a ticket for Bangalore ASAP and have to speak to a broker for that. Kya karoon…kabhi-kabhi to karna hi padta hai…

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