Shocking! Aadhar Card and its 5 Dangers

Shocking! Aadhar Card and its 5 Dangers

After Demonitisation the most talked about thing was Digital payment and Cashless Economy. Related to the same Idea of Cashless Economy is Aadhar Card. Aadhaar-based payments which could potentially allow citizens to pay anytime anywhere with the fingerprint.  The Biometric system would be used as the means to authenticate the user in order to make payments or transfer funds without taking the help of mobile or e-wallet which many of us Indians are hesitant to use. Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also dreaming of cashless economy

But However Good and simple it may sound, it is suffering from many shortcomings.

  1. The Identification Failure:– Non-match or mismatch of biometric data would result in failure of transaction which even an ex-official from Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) admitted, we all know that such kind of mismatch are very common.
  2. The Utility:- It is estimated that less than 1 out of 3 people actually own a smartphone so what would be the use of linking biometric system with digital payment.
  3. Counterfeiting/Security Problem:- Some of the experts claim that more cheap it is to breach the code means less secure is the system. The Gummy finger method as told by Sunil Abraham while talking to BloombergQuint only requires a fevicol or gum to duplicate the fingerprint which would easily result in transacting in the name of other.
  4. Breach of Privacy:- Apar Gupta, a Delhi-based lawyer working on cyber security while talking to BloombergQuint said  “The data stays for a long time with the stakeholders in the system. The requesting agency can keep it for seven years and the UIDAI can store it for five years. There are insufficient safeguards and there’s an absence of privacy law and an independent privacy regulator,”
  5. No Exit Option:- Once you are allotted Aadhar Card you can never cancel it or move out of the system as revealed by an RTI filed by Karira, co-convener of India Against Corruption (IAC).

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