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Sapna Bhavnani’s Viral Video Liplocking Bani J is Awe-Worthy and empowering at the same time

The Pictures of Sapna Bhavnani and Bani J Lip locking each other is doing rounds on every corner of the Internet be it Twitter,Instagram,Facebook or youtube as the Video Went Viral.  The Instagram Video made by Bani J in which she is seen liplocking Sapna Bhavnani has attracted attention among the social media users for good as well as bad reasons.

It is Quite Strange that India which is home to several Progressive people is at the same time regressive also. A simple video in which two consenting adults are just getting a little cozy has created a buzz like world is coming to an end. Not to forget the media is also ahead in the race while posting headlines like ‘See VJ Bani Getting Intimate With Sapna.’, ‘kissing passionately’ just to gather a traffic of readers.

Sapna Moti Bhavnani after knowing the filthy reactions of media houses lashed out at them with style while teaching them a lesson.

“Just finished yoga and saw that Bani J and I are trending for a kiss which I wish was a kiss but really just a snapshot of a boomerang. India when will we move forward. Really! Sooooooooo much attention for a KISS???

bani-sapna liplock viral video reply message

Sapna Bhavnani’s reply to all the reactions

Dang people fighting for world peace don’t trend so much!!! lol. Hope more women and men come out and kiss and show you’ll love does not have a gender. My life. My rules. Kisses to all. Men and Women and the Transgender.”

Sapna Bhavnani and Bani J liplocks replies viral1

This Bang on reply stunned the mainstream media who in the name of entertainment ran behind sensationalism while keeping aside the journalism ethics .

This is not the first time Sapna, along with Bani, has accepted that love is something that unites everyone. They both are known for defying gender stereotypes. Sapna has been vocal about being Bisexual also.

Sapna Bhavnani and Bani J liplocks replies viral2










Sapna Bhavnani and Bani J liplocks replies viral3











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