Samsung is Working Foldable Tablet with a Keyboard

Samsung is Working Foldable Tablet with a Keyboard


Fold-able tablets have always been center of rumors in the technology segment. There have been plenty of rumors and leeks of the foldable mobile phones and tablets but nun of them came in reality, but now it is possible that some foldable tablet is getting into reality from the world of rumors. According to Bloomberg, Samsung was working on at least one tablet-like device. The Korean Company has just been provided with a patent for a foldable tablet which also features a stand to support the tablet and a built in keyboard.

The patent image of the Samsung tablet shows three parts which can be folded across the lines. It also shows a flap protruding from the center part of the tablet that will help the tablet to stand and will definitely improves the video viewing experience.The display is presumable split across all three of the front panels and can be folded out for maximum screen

Still, the foldable tablet is an exciting design concept which is still unable to make its way through reality. The patent illustration does not reveal much about the tablet. We only have an illustration, nothing we can tell about the specs, features, price and availability is still a big question mark on the foldable

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Companies take a lot of time in day dreaming for a foldable device. It seems like Samsung is working for the same but but we’re yet to see anything hit the market.  Do you think that Samsung is onto something with its foldable tablet ? Share your views on this

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