Roti, kapda and makan: sufficient for today’s youth?

Roti, Kapda aur Makan – Sufficient for today’s youth?roti-kapada-aur-makaan

This I could say, was quite a tough topic to write on. As I mused, I realized that ‘sufficient’ here is a highly relative term; today. Just years back, if one would have posed this question, it would have been an immediate yes! But now, it would be a skeptic no. Food, shelter and clothing used to be requirements – one had to strive to acquire them. But today, most do not think twice about possessing these amenities – they are a given, gratis. It’s not that we don’t have to do anything to obtain these things; it’s just that we know we have the resources and capability to obtain them with ease. Why then, limit yourself and strive for nothing more? After all, passion drives you. And what is passion but the absolute heartfelt need of something you desire. Need of something then, functions as motivation to obtain it.

No, we are not satisfied with just surviving – we need to truly live. The question now that arises is that are these other ‘requirements’ really requirements? This is what led me to start with my axiom that ‘sufficient’ here is relative. Some of us consider it absolutely necessary to excel at school whereas some of us merely want to attend a school. Some crave for parents, some crave for friends. The tables have turned – certain things, like close bonds and community feelings have diminished; if not completely wiped off – whereas these very things were to the previous generation what food, shelter and clothing are to us. Today, one may have all the money in the world but still need those simple (yet powerful) pleasures of life – the company of a friend, the love of a companion or the security of a family.

Let me draw a simple analogy. Sometimes, we don’t want just a meal. We’d like a dessert too. Now it depends on you whether you choose to absolutely have it every day (hence making it a sort of necessity). If you do, it becomes a requirement, in your own terms. But a requirement anyhow. That is how the situation is today: we want that dessert. To add to it, I don’t think we are ever satisfied with where we stand most of the time. It may be because we know there is a plethora of opportunities and experiences just waiting for us to take a step and grasp them – should we wish to do so. Maybe it’s a good thing, maybe it’s not. But we definitely cannot deny the fact that these increased ‘needs’ push us to our maximum capabilities to acquire them, and even more, to maintain them. So don’t just sit there with your lunch or dinner – go get a dessert!

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