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Psychology of a Drug Addict

How it all begin…

One isn’t born a drug addict. One becomes an addict through the course of life. One doesn’t wake up one fine morning and decide: oh! I want to be a drug addict. That is my aim in life.

In fact, most people who are drug addicts claim they didn’t actually want to be addicts. But one gets hooked, and everything is out of control. Or is it? William Somerset Maugham, in his work, ‘The Painted Veil’, writes, “Some of us look for the way in opium and some in God, some of us in whisky and some of us in love. It is all the same way and it leads no whither.”

An addict is…

Beautiful young woman in hospital gown and messed make-up.

Beautiful young woman in hospital gown and messed make-up.

Most people misunderstand the psychology of an addict. Contrary to popular belief, a drug addict is not happy being so. They continue to be so because they aren’t masters of themselves anymore.  But it all started because of the same reason too: because most felt out of control, worthless and doing drugs was something they felt they controlled, they decided.  It all starts with a single ‘trial’: sometimes out of curiosity, sometimes out of peer pressure. One thing leads to another and before you know it, voila! You have a drug addict. Starting out, their reasons for the First Time seem harmless enough: I was just casually trying it out; I just wanted to know how it is: for experience’s sake. But unfortunately, drugs don’t work that way…

The maimed…drug-addiction

Often the worst victims here are the family, the parents: who have absolutely no idea how to go about things: that crushing weight of disappointment mixed with the unconditional love and worry they possess.  The addict himself/herself is a major victim. Most end up regretting their decision.

What’s cookin’?family-drug-addict

To most, it comes as a surprise.  Some symptoms of drug abuse may be: very capricious emotionally, irrational behavior loss of social contacts, and deterioration of physical health, to name a few.

But drug abuse needn’t always be the end. There is always help around the corner if one seeks it.  There are organizations which deal with drug abuse, therapy and so on.

Some tips…just-say-no01

Say no in the first place. Sure, you ‘deprive’ yourself of an experience, but think: isn’t missing that experience worth the extra inch of life and love you’re trading it for?

One important thing society should keep in mind that people may deviate from norms and become drug addicts: but that does not mean they are bad human beings. Like most other situations in life, this is a grey area too. Addicts do have the probability to recover and they shouldn’t be denied a normal life afterwards. Else, the mocking and jeering they receive would almost be as bad as when they were an addict. This leads to a strong possibility of a rebound.

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