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This viral video is doing rounds leaving us in splits but teasing the paid Nationalists

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Source- Kunal Kamra

The Ongoing debate between ‘Nationals’ and ‘Anti Nationals’ is not a new thing from the last 3 years.  Recently what happened at Ramjas College is raising question on the preserving of democratic values as well as safety of education campuses. We all know what happened with the students of JNU who were called at a seminar by the Ramjas’s student body but later the seminar was inter-reputed by the member of ABVP (Akhil Bhartiye Vidhyarthi Parishad) and the whole process ended up in ugly fight of pelting stones and hitting slippers over the students.

Now what is the scope of Freedom of expression and what is the extent to which it can be spread is a matter of huge expert debate but every now and then we come across trolls on social media who while debating stoop to the level of name calling to abusing to giving rape threats to whoever disagreeing to their point or idea of nationality.

What can be the means of a decent debate? well we cannot have a satisfactory answer to that but conveying something while making us smiling and giggling can leave a greater impact on us and that method is called Comedy. Yes Comedy is one of the method in which whether you are pro or against what comedian says but you will end up laughing to what he/she says.  Comedy has a great history it is said that in America comedy was used as political tool to make people aware about ongoing social issues, well what can be a better way of making people aware than comedy.


So here we present a comical piece by Kunal Kamra who looks like any other Indian who just got frustrated with the kind of arguments given in support of weird government policies like demonetization by linking it to soldiers . Kunal  Kamra believes in making jokes out of weird daily life experiences of people while saying that there would not be a need to search for content of comedy if you just observe the daily life experience.  Here we present to you a youtube video which is going viral on the internet in which kunal kamra is seen making fun of government, JNU Students and all the ultra Nationals.

Have a look

Video is doing rounds on the Facebook Timelines of thousands of people.


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