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News On Dawood Ibrahim Property Seized In Dubai Going Viral Is Actually Fake

News On Dawood Ibrahim Property Seized In Dubai Going Viral Is Actually Fake

Reports on social media and various news website are getting circulated and going viral regarding the headline Dawood Ibrahim property worth Rs 15,000 crores seized by UAE government. Many cheered it as Modi’s Diplomatic Win or Masterstroke Diplomacy by Modi, News websites along with people from across the nation were taking a breath of relief when they heard about Dawood’s assets worth Rs 15000 crores owned by Mumbai blast Mastermind Dawood Ibrahim is being seized and sealed by the UAE government.

A screenshot from one of the website Another screenshot about reporting the UAE government seizing the assets of Dawood The Fire was ignited by the article by Zee News, in which they claimed about seizure of Assets owned by Dawood Ibrahim but without quoting any Indian authority or authority from UAE to back their claim. All they relied on was the “sources”, without clarifying what kind of source they are talking about or relying upon. A screenshot from Zee News Article claiming about the Seizure of Fugitive Dawood Ibrahim’s Property As expected the news spread like Fire in the forest in various social media platforms like Whatsapp and Facebook.` But after one goes through the official websites of the UAE or any leading news website of UAE, no one can find a single report or any single news about seizure of property/assets of anyone definitely not Dawood Ibrahim. Nation really wants to see the Fugitive Dawood Ibrahim behind the bars for his role in Mumbai blasts and any action against him, be it killing any of his aides or seizure of property (attacking him financially) would be an ointment of relief for the masses of India. But such fake reporting and rumors would not only smear the image of the nation before the International forum but also would injure the sentiments of those who are still looking for the justice after what the Mastermind of Mumbai blast has done to the victim and their families.

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The Government should be vigilant about such fake reporting and rumor mongering, it should book all those who indulge in such practices and prevent occurrences like these which are nowadays becoming common involving the UNESCO’s award for the Indian PM.   Related Tags: Dawood Ibrahim, PM Modi, Assets Seizure, UAE government, Property Seizure in Dubai.   We hope you like our article. Please share this article on social Media Platforms like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Whatsapp etc.

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