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Nail Art at Home – Nail Makeup Tips

Who does not want shinning and glittered nails? Who does not like extensions marked out with beautiful colors on it? Girls would completely agree with me, you can find every other girl flaunting nail art these days.

For those who don’t know what nail art is?

Let me explain. Nail art is the creative activity of decorating nails by making designs on them. Nail art as the name suggests is decoration of nails or an art of decorating nails by creative minds. You can easily find nail art salon near by doing nail art after paying decent amount of money.

Does your always pound when you see others flaunting glittered and shiny nails but the thought of getting hole in your pocket stops you from getting them done? If you think you are not creative enough and can’t do it yourself then you are sadly mistaken.

Yes, you heard me right. Even a beginner and not so creative person can also get it done without cutting down on pocket.

Things that you may need for Nail Art:

– Nailcutter

– Nail paint (base coat)

– Nail paint (of your own choice)

– Toothbrush

– Toothpick

– Cotton

It is adviced to cut your nails in proper shapes because an even expert cannot also make distorted shape look beautiful. So, cut them properly

Apply a base coat, then use your favourite color on nails, try to make a simple design with the help of a toothpick.

You can then make some other design or copy it from internet by using toothbrush if you are creative enough.

In the end, use a coat that acts as a cover to your nail art. It would help you keep your nail art for longer period of time.

You can also get it done by an expert. There are different designs available in market ranging from subtle flower shape to the jersey of your favourite team. Animal prints, angry birds, ribbon shape, letters of your name, glitters, sticky designs, all to choose from.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab your nail art kit and get started.

Best of luck and keep shining!

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