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Men in Blissful White or Ravishing Black ?

It would be stupid if we tell you that white and black are the colors in trend this season. For men’s fashion these are the two most versatile colors in their wardrobe. Almost a daily decision to chose between the vast variety of clothing men have in black or white.

We aren’t telling you the colors this time but today’s fashion associated with these colors. While white being the color of romanticism, black is quintessential in every man’s wardrobe. One cannot stop but crave more and more of both. The classic, crisp colors of fashion this time bring with them the serenity of a perfect collection. We show you some of this white-black fashion on the celebrity list; easy to adapt- high on the trend factor!blissful-white-or-black2-1024x682


The full white suit. The recurring trend at most fashion weeks now. The look is on. And full white has never looked better or as a matter of fact hotter.

Elegant and understated a clean white suit will match up with your personality without making you look too white!blissful-white-or-black3-1024x682

Never to forget the full black hot look. be it a tux, a polo or a jacket. Men in black can never look bad. A versatile color for spring or winter, black can be transformed from a winter staple to a summer classic with ease.

The all black look is the most easiest way a man can dress up without thinking much about the final results. A sure shot way to dress up quick and fast and look ravishing at the same time.

And to those who look for traditional ethnic clothing in these colors,


Downloads ACTORS WALLPAPERSThis is where ethnic looks fantabulously unique. Whether yo0u say white look better in ethnic or the black full pathani look is hotter, the fact is that yoiu cannot deny the versitality of black and white in traditional clothing. you need to have either one of those inculcated in your design to make it stand out with precision.

Or maybe, You dont prefer to go mono-color, you go monochrome!

blissful-white-or-black1-1024x682 Downloads5_9.preview

Tell us what will you prefer the blissful serene white or the sexy black?
Or you’ll just stick to the customary monochrome?

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