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Makeup Ideas and Tips for 2017

This Spring Summer 2017, makeup and beauty took a turn. In continuation from last season’s ‘you-do-you’ approach, it was less about trends and more about a new feeling of ‘whatever goes’. Color took center stage on the eyes and the lips, with bright red pouts, glistening glitter and electric hues on the eyes. Nails and skin were pared-down but incredibly chic, with the words ‘athletic’ and ‘radiant’ constantly springing to mind. The most important message we took away from Spring Summer 2017 was that of personality. It’s no longer about strictly adhering to a fixed set of trends, it’s about playing with what you’ve got. In this article we are about to discuss the latest makeup trends for 2017 according to different occasions like makeup tips for corporate look, makeup tips for weddings and makeup tips for college girls.

Makeup tips for Corporate Look

As we said, this 2017 is all about your personality and showing off what you’ve got. So, less is more and keeping it simple and fresh is the way to be in your corporate self. Some of the tips for office makeup wear are

  1. Even out your skin tone. Apply either tinted moisturizer, sheer foundation or powder foundation.
  2. Keep your eye makeup simple with nude shades.
  3. Lightly fill in your brows.
  4. Apply a light peach blush.
  5. Apply lip liner and lipstick.
  6. Manage the frizz.
  7. Use dry shampoo.
  8. Hair half up half down or a sleek ponytail or a bun.

Makeup tips for a Wedding

Weddings demand you to be all decked up but still in an elegant way! And being all simple is not what is exactly demanded at weddings, so here are the hair and makeup trends that are going to be all over new 2017 year! Here are the 2017 makeup tips for a wedding.

  1. Eyes  Statement eyebrows will make way for natural looking ones.In 2017, it will be all about natural looking eyebrows, which are a far cry from the ones in vogue right now.  Apart from this natural looking eye-lashes and neutral eyeshadow is all that is demanded.
  2. Face  A heavily contoured face will make way for a more natural look. Contouring became big in 2015, and highlighting got added to that in 2016. Now 2017 is gonna be all about a natural looking face- without the heavy contouring lines on the side of the cheeks.
  3. Lips  Matte lips will make way for glossy ones. Matte lips, especially for brides have been big for a very long time now, but things are gonna change in 2017.
  4. Hair  Wavy hair will make way for finer, tighter curls. Wavy hair of course will not go out of fashion, but tighter curls will be in- not perm tight, but tighter than wavy.

So, that’s how the 2017 makeup trend for wedding go.

Makeup Tips for College Girls

Looking for a new accessory to spice up your outfits this upcoming season? Forget your expensive bags and shoes and try these sexy and enduring makeup trends of 2017 for college girls that will have people turning heads.

  1. Plum lips  Traditional red lipstick is taking a dramatic turn this season.
  2. Smokey Eyes  Brown shades are making their way into the smokey eye scene this season.
  3. Cat Eye  The traditional cat eye has been around for so long, but this season make it your own with bigger swoops and lines.
  4. Electric Blue  If you haven’t noticed, cobalt blue is one of this seasons hottest colors. Who says you can’t wear the color as makeup?

Above discussed were a few Makeup Tips of 2017, makeup tips for corporate look, makeup tips for wedding and makeup tips for girls. 

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