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Koffee with Karan 5: 7 things you did not know about Kapil Sharma. Watch Video

Koffee with Karan is know for revealing tons of secrets which range from person’s nasty habits to sexual life. Even Salman Khan was not spared when he had encounter with Karan Johar at Koffee with Karan, he almost had to escape or lie on certain questions. This time Koffee with Karan had something very surprising for us! yes they have got our own favorite TV King Kapil Sharma on the show.

Kapil Sharma on the sets of Koffee with Karan 5 with the host Karan Johar

Yes, laughter King Kapil finally made his Koffee debut and we are very happy to see him on the couch. Earlier, there were speculations that Kapil’s episode has been scrapped off because of the rumoured feud between Karan and him. But after watching the teaser last week we were both relaxed and excited for his much-awaited debut on the show. Social Media users made a rumored scenario which made all of us frowning and disheartened but at Last, all the rumors shattered and our hopes to watch him on the Koffee with Karan revived.

As expected Kapil Sharma was not a usual celebrity on whom Karan can take control rather this time Karan had to face off a man who had the capabilities to embarrass the host Karan Johar himself.Karan invites him by saying that he has more number of followers and he is far bigger a celebrity than him. The reason for a VigRx Plus million smiles, Kapil Sharma. We are sure Karan Johar must have had a gala time interviewing him. His personal deets got revealed when Karan used his sly ways to frame the questions. Let’s dive in to those moments where Kapil revealed a little bit about his fantasies and desires. Let’s have a look at the video:

Video Coursey- Star World.

You may be his big fan but you definitely do not know these 7 Things about your favorite Kapil Sharma. These are the 7 Question which Karan Johar asked Kapil Sharma which reveal many things about him.

1.Are you seeing someone?

Kapil remained silent for a while and started blushing which is rare to watch. But when Karan insisted him twice Kapil dodged the question and said: Mujhe har saal pyaar hota hai.

2.What do you do for sex?

Well this question was definitely not expected by Kapil. As karan asked him Kapil was speechless after listening to this question and after some time, he asked Karan: Is it Koffee With Karan or something else with Karan.

3.Who is your crush?

Kapil with a blush but certain obvious gesture took Deepika Padukone’s name. Kapil’s love for Deepika Padukone is not hidden from the world. And when he got the opportunity to express his love for her, he immediately took DP’s name and said that she should understand my feelings, as I can’t say everything.

4.When will you get married?

The question which has kept haunted Salman Khan throughout his career but when asked from Kapil he just said that “I am a double-minded person. Sometimes I think only about work and sometimes I feel like having a family. But right now, I want to concentrate on my work, so marriage is not on cards for now”. Hmm This seems to be a prudent answer from him.

5.Why you make fun of your English?

After listening to his special kind of English we all know what is the condition of his English language. After being asked Kapil said: “I make fun of my English so that others don’t get a chance to make fun of me. But I believe that there is no need to pretend what you are not and there is no harm in asking things if you don’t know about certain words or phrases, without being offensive about it”.

6.What is your success mantra?

Kapil said: I never thought I will become so popular. The only thing I believe in is hard work and the rest of the credit goes to the blessings and prayers of my family and well-wishers.

7.What do you have to say about your Twitter controversies?

We all thanked Karan Johar for asking this question because we all want to know this. Answering this question Kapil said that, ‘I don’t think there what I did was wrong, I tagged Prime Minister NarendraModi because I have many expectations from him and the government. But on a serious note, I think govt should make some rules and not everybody should be allowed on Twitter and that includes me as well.’


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