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Katrina Kaif – Sidharth Malhotra The Kapil Sharma Show 4th Sept Full video here

Check Katrina Sidharth Malhotra  in The Kapil Sharma Show 4 September 2016 Full Episode 40 Video Download:- Watch Today’s Ep-40 of TKSS with your family and friends on Sony tv at 9:00 pm or Online Live Streaming on streaming official site. Yes, you can watch The Kapil Sharma Show 4 September 2016 Full  HD Episode on Youtube after finishing the episode on Television.

Today the very special guests coming from upcoming bollywood movie “Baar Baar Dekho”. Guests are Katrina Kaif and Siddharth Malhotra. Today Episode is also very entertaining and with full of Masti and laughing.Sidharth Malhotra, Katrina Kaif in The Kapil Sharma Show  video download

Yesterday, We watched another memorable episode of The Kapil Sharma Show 3 September 2016 with Guests of next week starting Super Dancer dancing reality show “Shilpa Shetty, Geet Maa and Anurag Kashyap”. All 3 did huge fun with Kapil’s Family on TKSS Episode 39.Sidharth Malhotra, Katrina Kaif in  Kapil Sharma Show  full video download

Kala Chashma song is running very popular these days from Baar Baar Dekho movie. Kapil did huge welcome of Katrina Kaif and Siddharth Malhotra on TKSS 4th September 2016 Episode. He was very happy to see Katrina Kaif and thought about flirting with him in this episode. Watch on Youtube The Kapil Sharma Show 4 September 2016 Full Episode after releasing.Sidharth-Katrina in The Kapil Sharma Show (3)

After the entry of Katrina Kaif, Kapil did huge welcomed of her and said Welcome Katt then Katrina replied Hi Kaps After that Kapil said How are you? then she replied I am good and said How are You? after that Kapil said So let’s start the show. Katria said where are all people? then Kapil replied I sent all outside, suddenly Sidhu Ji voice came Abe O Ruk and did Shayari “Ye studio Hamare Bina Nahi Reh Sakta Hai Khali..Abe Oye Thoko Taali”. After that Kapil said Plan Fail Ho gaya and Sidhu Ji replied I will fail your all plans and said have a sit. sidharth in kapil sharma show sony tv

Now show started and Kapil asked How long time you take to reach here?, i mean 3 Saal..3 Mahine, 12 Din..9 Ghante..2 Mint..Sidhu Ji said 250 Episodes, then Kapil said Bahut Jyada, Why are you so late?. Then Katrina replied I thought i should wait till hit the show then come on. Kapil again hit the punch and said I think Katrina isliye show par nahi aayi because she said in one song “Soni de Nakhre Sone Lagde”, So, I think she was waiting me Soni Pe Aaun. Don’t miss your favourite show TKSS a very special episode at 9:00 pm.Sidharth Malhotra, Katrina Kaif in Tkss sony stv

After that Sidharth Malhotra entered with Kapil’s Naani (Ali Asgar). Then Nani said See who with come with me on The Kapil Sharma Show today after that Siddharth Malhotra said Naani Ji is very Cute and Kiss her and said from Sidhu Ji side and another one kiss from my side. Then a song played “Tenu Kala Chashma Jachda Ae..Jachda Ae Sone Mukhde Te” and all were dancing on this wonderful song. Katrina Kaif in kapil Sharma Show (2)

After that Kapil came with Sabji Ki Redi and sound Sabji Le, Gobi Le, Shimla Mirch Le, Tamatar Le, Jaan Le, Free Me Le and said Why you came on the market, Once you said i would send at your home and asked from Katrina What your want? then she asked Tomato Kaise Diya? then Kapil replied Tomato Hug se Diye and she asked huge se matlab after that Kapil hug her. For this you did a big drama, if you want this then said me I want a hug and Kapil huge her again and said OK.full episode Sidharth Malhotra, Katrina Kaif in The Kapil Sharma Show

Today Sunil Garover acting was fabulous. When Katrina Kaif came with Brinjal then Dr. Mashoor Gulati said said Aapke Hath se Mujhe Began Bhi Aamras Jaisa Lagta Hai and he ate a brinjal in funny style. This was really very big laughing moment of The Kapil Sharma Show 4 September 2016 Episode.

After that Dr. Mashoor Gulati showed the breathing problem and Katrina started thapthapi on his back and he said Maarne Ni Saas Aayegi and he took mouth fresher spray then played the song Saas Me Teri Saas Mili to Mujhe Saas Aayi and Dr. Mashoor Gulati did very funny acting on this song with Katrina as SRK. He also did dance with Katrina Kaif on full song. At the end he flied like Angel. Sidharth Malhotra, Katrina Kaif in The Kapil Sharma Show hd video download

Today Rinku Devi, Kapil Sharma and Guest Katrina, Sidharth played “Ke Bahil Crore pati “. Rinku Devi asked a question from Katrina and Sidharth,

What is important for Hanimoon?

Options : A) Shaadi (Marriage)

B) Mood

C) Moka

D) Partner

Then Katrina replied Sab Jaruri Hai and Sidharth Said Kundi..Darwaza band aur Kundi.Sidharth Malhotra in The Kapil Sharma Show watch Katrina Kaif in The Kapil Sharma Show (10)

2nd Question is Kitne Me Se Kitne Nikalenge Ke Zero Bachega?

A) Kuch Me Se Kuc

B) Thode Me Se Thoda

C) Bahut Me Se Bahut

D) Sab Me Se Sab

After that Katrina replied Sab Me Sab and Kapil said this is wrong answer, Sab Me Sab Nikal Doge To Tarak Mehta Ke ulta Chashma Kaha Aayega. At the end they all did dance on the song Kala Katrina Kaif in The Kapil Sharma Show (5) katrina kaif bar bar dekho in The Kapil Sharma Show (11)

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