Karwa Chauth 19th Oct 2016 Moon Rise Time Today & Puja Muhurat Live darshan

Karva Chauth Moon Rise Time 2016, Check 19th Oct Chandrodaya Time, Chand Nikalne Ka Samay in India, Puja Story & Vidhi

Karva Chauth Moon Rise Time 2016, Check 19th Oct Chandrodaya Time, Chand Nikalne Ka Samay in India

Karva Chauth Moon Rise Time 2016

Karva Chauth is a Hindu festival traditionally celebrated by married women. The festival falls on the fourth day of the Hindu lunisolar calendar. On this day, married women and those reaching the marriageable age fast from sunrise to moonrise praying for the safety and longevity of their husbands, fiancés or desired husbands. In India, states like Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and parts of Uttar Pradesh observe the festival devoutedly.Karva Chauth

Karva is a small earthen pot of water and Chauth means ‘fourth’ in Hindi, As the festival falls on the fourth day of the dark-fortnight, or krishna paksh, of the month of Kartik. Combination of both words make Karva Chauth. We are providing the you Karva Chauth Moon Rise Time 2016 to worship Moon. All the married and unmarried ladies who are looking for Karva Chauth 2016 Chandrodaya Time. We are providing Karva Chauth Chand Nikalne Ka Samay in India here in this page.

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Women rigorously observe fasting and prayers on this day, without even drinking a glass of water after sunrise. It is only when the moon rises that women eat something to break their fast. Men are generally expected to feed the first bite of food to their wives on the festival. Women dress in bright and colourful ethnic wear, similar to bridal wear and apply beautiful intricate mehendi designs on their hands while they wait for the moon to rise.karva-chauth-moon-rise-time

According to Mahabharatha’s Vana Parva, Karva Chauth’s origins can be traced back to the time when Savitri begged the god of death, Lord Yama for her husband’s soul.

Karva Chauth is also symbolic of the beginning of the rabi crop-cycle or wheat-sowing time. People are known to have started observing the day praying for a good-harvest season, which is probably the reason why most agriculture-dependent regions like western UP, Rajasthan, Maharashtra etc. observe Karva Chauth.

On October 19, the auspicious time this year to start the Karva Chauth puja and prayers is 5:43 – 5:46am to 6:50pm. In New Delhi, the moon is expected to rise at 8:47 pm and the offerings to the moon can be made following that. It is an important part of the rituals to offer prayers to the moon after the moonrise before breaking the fast. God Shiva, Ganesha, Karthikeya and goddess Parvati are also worshipped at this time. After this, the women offer earthen pots (karwa) containing rice, urad dal to their mother-in-laws.

Karwa Chauth Fast for Unmarried Women, Girls 2016

Karva Chauth 2016 Chandrodaya Time

Married Women and Unmarried girls take Fast for throughout the day for the security, safety, longevity, and lifelong prosperity of their husbands. They are looking for Karva Chauth Moon Rise Time 2016 to open their fast. It is tradition that ladies take fast from the morning before sun rise and throughout the day they don’t eat anything and in the evening they open their fast by giving water and sweets to moon and pray for happiness of their husbands and family. Then their husbands give them water and sweets to eat. This is why they are now searching for Karwa Chauth Chand Nikalne Ka Samay in India & its states. You can get the Karwa Chauth 2016 Chandrodaya Time from this article.yeh-hai-mohabbatein_karwa-chauth1

Karva Chauth Chand Nikalne Ka Samay in India

The Karva Chauth is celebrated all over the country once a year. All the married and unmarried women buy cosmetics (shringar), traditional adornments or jewelry, and puja items, such as the Karva lamps, matthi, henna(mehandi) and the decorated puja thali. In the noon they worship Maa Karwa and listen the Fast Story (Vrat Kahani) from Bhramins and can then have some liquids mainly prepared for fasting. In the evening ladies get ready and wear all the traditional clothes, cosmetics and jewelry and wait for Karva Chauth Moon Rise Time 2016. These days they are much aware that all the Karwa Chauth Chandrodaya Time 2016 are given in the many website. So from here they will come to know Karwa Chauth Chand Nikalne Ka Samay.

Karwa Chauth 2016 HD Images and Wallpapers

Here’s a list of moonrise timings in states across India.

Moonrise time in Uttar Pradesh – 8:35 pm
Moonrise time in Mumbai – 9:21 pm
Moonrise time in Rajasthan – 8:56 pm
Moonrise time in Himachal Pradesh – 8:43 pm
Moonrise time in Punjab – 8:49 pm
Moonrise time in Haryana – 8:48 pm
Moonrise time in Bengaluru – 9:09 pm
Moonrise time in Kolkata – 8:11 pm

करवा चौथ चाँद निकलने का समय, पूजा की विधि और कहानी कथा

Karwa Chauth Story & Vidhi

A beautiful queen called Veervati was the only sister of seven loving brothers. She spent her first Karva Chauth as a married woman at her parents’ house. She began a strict fast after sunrise but, by evening, was desperately waiting for the moonrise as she suffered severe thirst and hunger. Her seven brothers couldn’t bear to see their sister in such distress and created a mirror in a pipal tree that made it look as though the moon had risen. The sister mistook it for the moon and broke her fast. The moment she ate, word arrived that her husband, the king, was dead. Heartbroken, she wept through the night until her shakti compelled a Goddess to appear and ask why she cried. When the queen explained her distress, the Goddess revealed how she had been tricked by her brothers and instructed her to repeat the Karva Chauth fast with complete devotion. When Veervati repeated the fast, Yama was forced to restore her husband to life.

Karwa Chauth 2016 Shubh Mahurat, Pooja Timings

19 Oct Karwa Chauth Moon Rise Time Today & Puja Muhurat 2016

Karwa Chauth Date & Day:- 19 October 2016 (Wednesday)
Karwa Chauth Puja Muhurat 2016:- 5:33 PM to 6:52 PM (New Delhi, India)

Moon Rise Today Timings 2016 (City and State Wise)

Karwa Chauth 2016 Moon Sighting Timings In India (City Wise/ State Wise)
Mumbai (Maharashtra) 8:30 PM
Thane 8:30 PM
Pune 8:26 PM
Kolhapur 8:22 PM
Satara 8:24 PM
Nasik 8:28 PM
Ahmednagar 8:23 PM
Dhule 8:25 PM
Jalgaon 8:21 PM
Wardha 8:09 PM
Yavatmal 8:10 PM
Beed 8:20 PM
Sangli 8:23 PM
Solapur 8:21 PM
Nagpur 8:19 PM
Amravati 8:14 PM
Akola 8:09 PM
Aurangabad 8:05 PM
Parbhani 8:12 PM
Nanded 8:24 PM
Osmanabad 8:17 PM
Chandrapur 8:15 PM
Buldhana 8:21 PM
Jalna 8:21 PM
Latur 8:10 PM
Hingoli 8:14 PM
Washim 8:16 PM
Nandurbar 8:05 PM
Ratnagiri 8:10 PM
Tiruvallur 7:55 PM
Chennai (Tamil Nadu) 7:53 PM
Vellore 7:58 PM
Kanchipuram 7:58 PM
Viluppuram 7:58 PM
Thiruvannamalai 7:58 PM
Krishnagiri 7:58 PM
Dharmapuri 7:58 PM
Salem 7:58 PM
Erode 7:58 PM
Coimbatore 7:58 PM
Karur 7:58 PM
Tiruchirapalli 7:58 PM
Namakkal 7:58 PM
Perambalur 7:58 PM
Karaikudi 7:57 PM
Nagapattinam 7:50 PM
Thiruvarur 7:49 PM
Thanjavur 7:58 PM
Pudukottai 7:00 PM
Sivaganga 7:57 PM
Madurai 7:58 PM
Dindigul 7:51 PM
Theni 7:49 PM
Ramanathapuram 7:53 PM
Thoothukudi 7:58 PM
Tirunelveli 7:59 PM
Jammu (J&K) 8:40 PM
Srinagar 8:42 PM
Shimla (Himachal Pradesh) 8:28 PM
Chandigarh 8:29 PM
Dehradun (Uttarakhand) 8:27 PM
New Delhi 8:24 PM
Lucknow (UP) 8:06 PM
Jaipur (Rajasthan) 8:28 PM
Gandhinagar (Gujarat) 8:36 PM
Bhopal (MP) 8:17 PM
Panaji (Goa) 8:22 PM
Patna (Bihar) 8:47 PM
Ranchi (Jharkhand) 8:44 PM
Raipur (Chattisgarh) 8:57 PM
Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh) 8:05 PM
Bangalore (Karnataka) 8:30 PM
Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala) 8:45 PM
Pondicherry 8:11 PM
Bhubaneswar (Odisha) 8:23 PM
Kolkata (West Bengal) 8:30 PM
Gangtok (Sikkim) 8:21 PM
Itanagar (Arunachal Pradesh) 8:23 PM
Dispur (Assam) 8:18 PM
Kohima (Nagaland) 8:17 PM
Imphal (Manipur) 8:18 PM
Aizawl (Mizoram) 8:11 PM
Agartala (Tripura) 8:16 PM
Shillong (Meghalaya) 8:20 PM
  1. Note that above timings are applicable only in India as per as Indian Standard Timings (IST). For Moon Rise Timings in USA, UK, Canada, UAE, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Etc, please check back local timings as comparable to above timings.
  2. Fasting Rituals & Rules:- Fasting Should be started soon as the Chaturthi Tithi Begins till the end of its time which is 08:24 AM on 16/10/2016 and fast can be break any time after moon sighting.
  3. No grains, not even a single drop of water, or any kind of food made up of grains should not be consumed during fasting period.

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