Kareena Kapoor’s Diet & Workout Plan

Kareena Kapoor’s Diet & Workout Plan


Kareena Kapoor’s Diet Plan

  • Kareena Kapoor is a vegetarian, to everyone’s surprise. Her breakfast begins with bread slices, paranthas or muesli. No matter what happens, she doesn’t skip her milk and breakfast, despite her busy schedule. For her, the day doesn’t start with coffee or tea or other such beverages. Breakfast means a simple healthy food served on her plate for Kareena.
  • Her lunch consists of green salad, chapatis and some of her favorite dals. No matter what happens, she makes sure that she has enough time to eat a bowl full of salad. She says that the secret behind her beautiful healthy skin is the nutrients that she receives from the bowl of salad she eats every day.
  • Just like other models and actresses, Kareena believes in keeping her dinner light. She has vegetable soup, dal and chapatis every night.
  • To keep herself energized all day long, she keeps eating nuts and drinking soya milk after every three hours.



Kareena Kapoor’s Workout Routine

  • Kareena is not at all careless, when it comes to working out and staying fit. No doubt she doesn’t want to be known as the size zero actress in the industry anymore, but to maintain herself, she makes sure that she spends at least an hour every day to burn the calories she consumes and maintain her figure.
  • But wait a minute… she never talks about going to the gym and sweating loudly. For her, balancing her body and mind is essential. Thus, Yoga is all that her body needs when she wants to relax her mind and stay in touch with fitness.
  • Yoga asanas and cardio exercises are the only two things that have kept her maintained till date. She believes in working out just the way she wants to, without restricting herself in the claustrophobic environment of the gym. She thanks Yoga for the glow on her face!


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