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iOS 10 Major Problems/ Issues and their Fixes/ Solutions

iOS 10 Major Problems/ Issues and Their Fixes/ Solutions

You’re not alone if you’re experiencing any kind of problems on your iOS 10 devices. If you’ve faced any problem or issue written below don’t panic as there are many ways to fix those iOS 10 problems. Let’s check out some of the problems of iOS10 and how to fix them.

1. iOS 10 Bricked My Device

The final launch of iOS 10 has bricked a lot number of iPhones and iPads. That’s a very disheartening fact for Apple fans. Apple has since responded to the problem in a statement in which it says the problem has been taken care of.

The solution here is a simple one, you should always back up your devices before updating. You can also try to boot your device into recovery mode and update or restore the device.

ios 10 bricked solution

ios 10 bricked the phone

2. iOS 10 is Eating My Battery

There are a lot of battery draining issues faced by the iPhone owners experiencing poor battery life. If you are one of them you can do some simple solutions.

You can turn off background app refresh. Turn off non-essential apps. You should also make sure you turn Wi-Fi on when you can easily connect to a Wi-Fi network, and turn off cellular data.

iOS battery saving


3. Bluetooth and Wi Fi are not working on iOS 10

This problem of WI Fi and blue tooth appears every year, and it’s likely has no difference with iOS 10. People are complaining about Wi-Fi and Bluetooth not working issues.

If you’re having issues with either, just go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. This should reset all your wireless connections to default settings without deleting your data.

ios 10 wifi solution


4. iOS 10 Overheats My Device

Some of the users have faced heating issues while charging or performing heavy tasks after updating to iOS 10. However, this should only be a temporary issue with the device, once all the apps have been updated, heating won’t be there.

If you’re still having problems turn off auto-sending of diagnostic and usage data by going to Settings > Privacy > Diagnostics & Usage.

ios 10 heating fix

ios 10 heating fix

5. iOS 10 cellular network problems

Some iPhone owners are experiencing issues related the network reception after updating to iOS 10. Many people are suffering from bad network reception.

It may be worth trying the solution you can downgrade to a previous version of iOS, and then update to iOS 10.

ios 10 network fix

ios-10 network issues

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