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Indian Youth – Party for Everything and Anything

Indian youth, a fascinating section of the population that is existentially located across different regions, social groups, economic segments, educational levels, and even sartorial choices. When it comes to global happiness, young Indians score the

Generally, happy moments in a person’s life are shared with others. In the good olden days, moments of triumph and pride too were celebrated. But, that tradition is getting updated now. The present day youth celebrates not only happiness, but also grief, dejection, separation from their lovers, pain, excitement, festival and what not!
On a whole, the most common word running in life of youth today is Party. The range of present youth’s parties got updated from cakes in a bakery to dinners in star hotels, ice cream parlor to bars and restaurants, terrace night parties to disco nights and DJs. And, in doing this, they never care about money. All they need is a small stimulation to work with little fun. And, nowadays parties have become a medium for marketing too.Music-Party-People-HD-Wallpaper

The social media too has started giving importance to Page-3 events. Good and bad are two sides of a coin in this party culture. Rejoicing themselves in parties is no bad, but getting addicted to drugs and alcohol is something to be taken care of. Along with regular parties like Birthday, Marriage Day, Promotion, Fresher Day, Farewell Day, there are also many type of parties today’s youth is celebrating.

They are :

Break up party:

It is more likely that the people involved in lengthy relationships tend to lose a bit of their individuality due to the sacrifices that each person makes for the other, the fact that they are almost always together, etc. For some people, this can eventually be too much. If this is the case, the mature and rational thing to do is end it before one person ends up killing the other, in short, a break up. And having a break up party after that.

Bachelor party:

The meaning of the bachelor party is for the bridegroom to be to go out with his closest friends and celebrate his upcoming married life. It is meant to be a bonding experience. They laugh, cry, talk about the past and the future

Failure party:

Celebrating the job promotion or good grades in exam is a routine thing, but celebrating the failure is something new and exciting. In these parties friends try to morally support each other.

Gender define party, HIV negative party are some more parties in store for the present day youth.

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