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In combat with JEE 2017 – Tips & Suggestions to crack IIT-JEE 2017

With only a fortnight to stream past for the first phase of the showdown, JEE Mains 2017 offers the wannabe IITians a surge of anxiety, paramount stress and apprehensions hovering all about, quite likely uncalled for. As 2017 signifies the reinstating of the so called “screening test” (earlier AIEEE), students run helter skelter baffled by its expectations and aftermath. However, on the brighter side, with a careful analysis of one’s performance down the lane and a calm mind to re-freshen  one just needs to stay focused and whiz past all those mind wrenching and brain crushing problems and embrace the finish line like a boss!crack IIT-JEE

First and foremost, it is imperative that you understand your capabilities in depth, your strengths and weaknesses. Only knowing these can help you step forward to improve upon as well as to overcome hurdles. Jolt them down on a piece of paper and its time for ample retrospection. JEE maintains equal weightage for Math, Physics and Chemistry and being weak at any one of these can deter your chances up the ante. However at the same time it isn’t advisable to devote all your time for that one subject as expecting the others would be easy to handle in the JEE is only a fatal mistake. Time management is of utmost significance for your

As an IITian having qualified within the top 0.34% of the total appeared, I can sync myself a year ago with you now and here are some suggestions.

  • NCERT is your virtual bible.
  • Understand Physics at the grass-root level. It is a subject of great concept and you have to set its roots deep within yourself.  HC Verma is the one book you must look out for. Ensure all your queries have been well answered by the instructors.
  • Inorganic Chemistry tickles you all the way but keep in mind, stick to the reactions provided in NCERT instead of burdening yourselves with reaction from external sources. The same applies for Organic Chemistry, Note all the mechanisms, arrow movements, bond cleavages, colour changes, reaction conditions, preliminary and conclusion tests, special classes of compounds and their characteristic properties, name reactions and the compounds they are applicable to; as given in NCERT.
  • Solve every problem from the previous questions of IIT JEE. Ensure you get them clarified. The previous years’ problems helps you get in flow with the difficulty and apparent confidence that yes, you can crack it.
  • Math requires great thought to put that first equation in place. To acquire this skill, one has to get acquainted with the many different types of problems out there in various well known books available in the market like Cengage, TMH, etc.
  • Vectors  in Physics, Calculus in Math , Oxidation and Reduction & Understanding of Inter molecular forces and bonding in Chemistry is fundamental to your preparation. You must get clarified ll your doubts related to these as they form the basics of these subjects.
  • Physical Chemistry is easy to handle. Titrations and Ionic Equilibrium are the only areas of difficulties. Considering there was a very little share of marks associated with these in the past 6-7 years one could be wise enough in just skimming through these topics although it should be noted that one can’t expect how the paper would be.
  • Coming to this, be careful to take care of your health. Its a period of  great tension and poor health is detrimental to all the hard work you put in. Never skip your breakfast, have a glass of milk/fruits/almonds every day, good sleep(at least 5.5-6 hours a day), leisure on Sundays and time for self expression.
  • Maintain an error book where you note down all the errors you committed in the exam so that you keep track of your performance and understanding. Try improving your score bit by bit setting a target every time you give a mock test. Identify areas of weaknesses, take proper measures and add them to your strengths.

As IIT Delhi is all set for its second consecutive term as the Question Paper setting committee, note that Electrodynamics, Calculus and a lot of theoretical questions on the fundamental concepts of science awaits you just like in 2016. Refer to JEE 2016 for more knowledge of IIT Delhi paper setting .

These steps helped me get a good rank that I am now pursuing Electrical Engineering with specialization in Instrumentation in IIT Kharagpur. Always believe in oneself and don’t let those worries or fears bring you down. True, that life doesn’t always bloom its petals for us and thorns are always out there but life doesn’t end there.

“If you ever feel dejected, just think,

No cloud ever did sink.”

With that being said, I wish all the aspirants all the very best hoping you would all find success in your endeavors to the fullest of what you deserve and remember, every desert has an oasis and you will always find your door.


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