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How to Impress and Attract a Girl on Facebook

Times have changed, gone are the days when guys had to do all sorts of crazy stuff just to get into touch with a girl. This is the Facebook era and chatting with that Dream girl is always a click away.

Here is the ultimate guide on how to attract a girl on to attract a girl on Facebook

Online chatting is the key step to get close to her, just keep looking for her to show up online and keep in mind what is being said below:

You have to focus on improving upon:

  • Expressions (Ability to understand her expressions and express your own self – A tough task to do it on FB, but not a herculean task and you learn by experience)
  • Giving her time to think, you shouldn’t go too fast asking for her number and all. She would be reluctant to give in these details too early. Patience !

Let us analyze some benefits of Online chatting:

  • You are able to express yourself , say things you can’t face-to-face.
  • You get time to think, and reply accordingly.
  • You can form the best reply – Face to face is a little difficult for some guys !
  • You always can open another tab to Google something she has asked you about and pretend as if you already knew it  ( Hehe, she would consider you a geek if you do this ! )

The question still remains, how to leave the perfect impression on her through chatting ?

So what to keep in mind while chatting :

1) Frame the questions in your mind beforehand !

Chat should not stop. A chat with breaks and lots of gaps is boring and uninteresting. You certainly don’t want her to be bored. Keep her engaged.  You are not the only one she is chatting with, but you can be the only one – It is all a matter of how interesting your talks are ; That being only possible when you have a clear vision of what to talk about !

2) Know your topics

You can either be personal, or non-personal depending on how you know her.  The majority of you guys are of the opinion to talk about general stuff with girls assuming it to be too early to talk about personal things, and mind it – This is where most of you go wrong. This is what we have stop thinking like, the reason being that she won’t be hurt and repel you if you try to know more about her life, and as you get to know more about her you will have more things to talk about and discussion won’t be boring to her as its her life you are talking about. Who gets bored discussing his own life !

3) Set the boundaries of the relationship

If you have only recently known the girl you are chatting with , then refrain from using phrases such as – “We are best friends”, or ‘oh, we are so close now!’. It is too early to talk in this manner, you can use humor but being serious as such can make things go wrong !

An example of a humorous chat would be :

Guy: So, how many best friends do you have?
Girl: (she would think and give you a reply. The reply hardly matters, there would be names you never heard of and a few who are common friends)

Guy: And whose your best male friend?
Girl: (some names.. or no names( This is where you have a chance to be ))

Guy: And the best female friend?
Girl: (again, names …)

Guy: What? I was so expecting you’d say that I am your best female friend.
(Weird answer, I know. But NOTICE: You’re indirectly setting your relationship status to being her BEST friend, without her even noticing that. You cover it with a weird way.)

That being said you can always remind her that you are “Her best Female friend” whenever she is reluctant to share anything. This is how it works , you get to know more about her !

4) She is the lock , Humor is the key to crack it !

Knowledge and humor are two assets you have to impress her while chatting. Knowledge in the first few times of chatting, just to show you are no random idiot, and then it becomes kind of showy (depends upon the girl though). But humor works for everyone, she can never ignore it. Laughter is the best medicine.

If you think you can’t be funny, do your homework before starting:

  • Select some topics (Depending upon how close you are to her)
  • Get awesome jokes on them ( Google is your best friend, or some FB pages would help too)
  • Discuss those topics keeping in mind the jokes and keep her making laugh, and yeah dude you are done !

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