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How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner

Being a master at applying a liquid eyeliner is something, like really. Personally I say most girls I know have a hard time getting a perfect winged liner, instead they end up making themselves look like a panda. No offences here, they are really cute by the way but no one wants to be getting those really weird black eyes at a party or any function.

Now how can you apply eye liner?

The code to nail a really neat eye liner is all about paying close attention to the details. One needs to be precise on the application and have a steady grip on the hands.

In this article we will share with you the steps to apply a perfect winged eyeliner and some tricks to nail that eyeliner. 


Steps to Get a Perfect Eyeliner

Moisturise the eyes

Start with cleansing the face and then applying a good moisturiser on the face and underneath the eyes. This makes sure the under eye area isn’t dry and the makeup you apply after gets a full coverage. This is the first trick to apply a liner.

Apply a Primer

This is an important step as it sets the base for a good stay of the eye liner. Apply a good primer on the eyelids, under the eye and at the corner of the eyes so that when you apply the liquid liner, it does not get inky and smudge out. This is a very good trick to apply an eye liner as it sets the base well for the application to stay longer.

Line the Eye

Here comes the main part. Use a gel liner or a liquid liner as per your convenience and liner your eyes, making small strokes ans lines. Now after making small lines, draw a bold line over it and make an elongated wing over the eye to give it a neater look. Repeat the step with another eye. This is how you can apply an eye liner.

Use a Makeup Remover to Correct the Mistakes

For any of the extra eyeliner marks around the eyes can be fixed using a makeup remover or a concealer to fix the look. Do the rest of the makeup and your look for the night is set.

Above were the steps to nail a perfect eyeliner and further were some tips and tricks to apply liner.

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