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How not to Sleep in Class and Stay Awake


Develop interest
Develop interest in the prescribed syllabus. Do not treat academics as a burden but a source of knowledge. Realise that you are going to learn something new and convince yourself that it will be interesting.

• Enjoy the subject
The subject may seem boring, but it can get interesting at a later stage. Enjoy the class being positive about the applications of the subject and by putting in your thoughts, developing ideas/suggestions. The subject will no longer appear to be a burden.

• Be interactive
This is the best way to have a closer look at the subject and to know your areas of interest. Always be interactive trying to dig out for more, finding reasons, possible explanations and so on. It will help keep your interest alive.

• Have a pencil/pen and notebook
Do not sit idle during the class. Develop the habit of note-making. This keeps you engrossed, avoids distraction and puts your sleep away.

• Maintain proper posture
Maintaining a proper posture is an important aspect. Sit straight. Loose postures induce sleep.

• Do not dislike the teacher
Realise that the teacher is trying hard to share knowledge with us all. She/he is putting all his/her efforts and hence we must do justice to his/her efforts by paying proper attention to the lecture.

• Be responsible
It is our responsibility to maintain discipline and etiquette and live up to the satisfaction of our elders and grow into good citizens. A sense of responsibility creates zeal to strive for more.

• Keep healthy and have proper sleep
Sleep could be an indication of tiredness and hence it is of utmost importance that one has a nutritious diet and has sufficient sleep in one’s daily schedule.

• Be in your circles
Attend the class with your friends. Be interactive, maintaining the decorum. This could also later help in group discussions.

• Exams are coming
Unless you concentrate in the class, you cannot give your exams on a satisfactory note. Class preparation is always helpful for examinations. Therefore, keeping exams in view, it is imperative that you attend the classes well.

True, we all feel sleepy at some point or the other but the above steps will definitely help to control sleep lest we miss on something important. However, if you ever feel awfully sleepy, then you may have to resort to sleeping although ensure to cover yourself amongst your classmates!

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