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Google WiFi Router Features and Price in India

Google WiFi Router Features and Price in India

Google in its Live Event has introduced many innovative devices. Google Pixel smartphones were the most eye catchy devices which were launched yesterday. Google has also introduced a WiFi Router and named it, yes you guessed it right Google WiFi. It is a WiFi router designed to support the new ways we use WiFi. Google with its new WiFi router is providing mainly two features, first is “expaandability” and ease of use.

google new wifi router


Google WiFi Router Features

Google WiFi Router is an expandable system to provide you better coverage than a single router. Many people with big homes and offices may have encountered WiFi coverage problems. Google has solved this problem by expanding the reach of your WiFi network with multiple Google WiFi devices. It is modular so you can get right fit for homes of every shapes and sizes.

google wifi 3 pack


Google has also build a feature set called Network Assist that can actively manage and optimize your network. Network Assist is a great feature of Google WiFi which will adjust your network even if you are roaming any where in the house so to make it easy for you and avoid network congestion. Google WiFi can be easily controlled via an app which has good set of functionality.



Google WiFi Router Price and Availability

Google WiFi is going to be available for pre orders in November and it’s going to ship in early December. Google Wifi carries a hefty price tag of $129 which is around INR 8500 for single pack. Google is also offering a 3 pack which will cost around $299 which translates into INR 19850. Google believes that it’s going to make a big improvement in wireless internet connectivity.



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