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Google has Unveiled YouTube Go App Here’s How to get it, and How it Works

Google has Unveiled YouTube Go App for Offline Video Viewing and Sharing

Google’s official YouTube apps for iOS and Android are always wildly popular. Now Google has announced YouTube Go App, a new app designed to widen the accessibility of the video-sharing service. YouTube Go App is designed and developed keeping Indian users in mind, who will be able to test the app first before the global roll out, YouTube Go is intended to work more effectively and efficiently in areas where connectivity is very limited.

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YouTube Go App: How It Works

YouTube Go App was unveiled at a Google event in Delhi, India. The app builds on India’s Smart Offline Feature that was added into the main YouTube app. It allows users to save videos for offline viewing, giving options over quality and file size. There’s also a local share feature that can be used to swap videos to other smartphones  without the use of internet.

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YouTube Go App is currently having registrations from the people who want to use it. Users can leave their phone numbers or email id to sign up for the app, which hints the sign-in could also be via the phone number, instead of requiring a Google email id like the main YouTube app.

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Google says “YouTube Go App is result of extensive research done across 15 cities in India by teams of engineers, designers, and researchers collecting ideas and testing prototypes with hundreds of people.” The app will be rolled out to more developers in the coming months to gather their feedback and do the required up-gradation.  There’s no word on when the offline video sharing app will be officially announced by Google Inc.


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