Goa Assembly Election 2017 Live Streaming and results vote counting Updates

The Goa assembly elections 2017 is no less a headline today as it is the State of Manohar Parrikar, the fight is seen to be tough this time among all the parties.  As per the political Commentator Ajay Jha BJP may emerge as the Single largest Party in this Goa assembly Election 2017 exit polls results. Live Streaming will be provided here in below.  As Goa is considered as the third most popular among the five states which are Uttar Pradesh, Manipur, Punjab and Uttarakhand where Assembly Elections are going to happen.

Ajay Jha on a website said “Taking average of all three exit polls, it appears that BJP’s juggernaut may stop in the coastal state at 18, three short of simple majority, while Congress party’s dream of returning to power may yield it just three more seats compared to 2012 when it had won nine seats. It seems Congress may snatch three seats from BJP that had won 21 seats five years back.

AAP may manage to open its account by winning three seats, though it had identified Goa as a potential state for its expansion beyond Delhi. Tally of Others and Independents will come down from 10 to 7.

And it may also mean Union Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar returning to Goa as chief minister and drum up necessary support, since he has requisite experience and expertise.”

It may seem that BJP may not cross the majority line but who knows on 11 March 2017, BJP may emerge as winner with being single largest party with majority or may not. The Live Streaming is provided by various websites on the Internet. We are providing you the same with fastest Live Streaming of the Exit Polls of the Election 2017.

The Famous News Channel NDTV has on its Television Channel of which specifically the exit polls results of Goa Assembly Election is provided below here with the image.

Goa Assembly election 2017 live streaming exit poll results voting Update

Image Coursey:- NDTV

The Live Streaming Link of the Goa Assembly Elections 2017  has been provided in the website herein with the fastest exit poll results.

As per the Financial Express the following information regarding assembly elections 2017 with respect to Goa :

Goa (40 seats)

India Today-Axis My India | Congress (10), BJP (15), AAP (7), Others (8)
India TV-CVoter | Congress (12-18), BJP (15-21), AAP (0-4), Others (2-8).

In 2012, Goa’s Exit poll was probably most accurate as most predictions backed BJP to win 20-25 seats out of 40. Under the leadership of Manohar Parrikar, the party proved predictions right and ended up securing 24 seats. On the other hand, Congress was tipped to win 15-20 seats but managed only 9. This year AAP’s emergence in the state has added an interesting angle to the battle. This year also the exit poll results shown in the TV Channels like AajTak, NDTV, India TV, Zee News, ABP News may turn out to be correct, the results are also shown by the Live Streaming of the same with Link.

Hope that whatever happens may turn out to be auspicious for all the five states.


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