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Gautam Gambhir tweets,trolled by FM Radio Mirchi on twitter through a video

Gautam Gambhir tweets, trolled by FM Radio Mirchi on twitter through a video

Famous Opener for Indian Cricket Team Gautam Gambhir indulged into something which resulted in something which is funny yet eye opening. On the eve of Republic Day Gautam Gambhir expressed his discontent to the radio channels on twitter by questioning them on why they are not airing patriotic songs and videos for the occasion. Here is the tweet.

gautam gambhir trolled fm radio twitter

The Tweet by Gautam Gambhir expressing his discontent for the reluctance by FM Radio channels for not playing patriotic songs.

Every Aug 15th or Jan 26th FM stations play patriotic songs. Sadly all dat vanishes next day. Why?” Tweeted Gambhir and tagged Radio Mirchi and other radio channels. This was seen as an act by the Indian opener Gautam Gambhir as a symbol of patriotism but little did he know what was waiting for him to be next.

With a great comeback Radio Mirchi Gave Gautam Gambhir an apt reply by Tweeting:

gautam gambhir trolled fm radio twitter2

Reply by Radio Mirchi to Gautam Gambhir

In What was termed as many to be an epic reply Radio Mirchi tweeted “Some occasions deserve a special celebration, but imagine if your TV only aired Republic Day parade everyday “.

This whole tweet, retweets and retorts are happening in the wake of Nationalism, patriotism debate and National Anthem these days have become compulsory for the theater to be played before every screening of show.

This did not end here and Indian Opener cum Kolkata Night Rider Skipper came back with a new tweet in order to retaliate.

gautam gambhir trolled fm radio twitter3

Gautam Gambhir tweets again in order to reply Radio mirchi.

gautam gambhir trolled fm radio twitter4

He then tweets again.

Now this was not taken by Radio Mirchi lightly and came up with a bang to Indian cricketer which even he did not imagine. Radio Mirchi while replying to the Indian cricketer Gautam Gambhir did something which will be a lesson to every citizen of this nation.

gautam gambhir trolled fm radio twitter5

Reply by Radio Mirchi to gambhir while posting a youtube link

Now What is Inside is video, check it out.

The above video along with being funny  was also eye opening, did give some message to the Indian Cricketer Gautam Gambhir as well as every citizen who rather than in spirit believes more in symbolic patriotism.

There was no reply by Gautam Gambhir after this from his side. This might have made Gautam Gambhir understand that he should not mess with anybody out of nowhere as it can result into something very hilarious yet insulting.

As we all know Gautam Gambhir is looking for the auctions at the upcoming Indian Premier League season in which he is the skipper of Kolkata Night Riders, he must be getting ready for the sports battle coming season.

This whole episode of twitter spat puts up a question to every citizen, Whether we should believe in every symbol related to patriotism or should we believe in spirit of patriotism?

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