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Freelance or Full-Time Jobs?

An ideal job would indeed be the one where you get your pay alongside flexibility of timings, freedom from a boiling boss whose breath burns the peace in you and a comforting environment where you can customize to your own productive style. Truth being told, one is under the belief that no more early waking, no more hurried lunch and no more restrained space in that cramped cubicle could actually brighten one’s prospects up

Sad be it, that while free-lance offers you a pot full of seemingly dreamt of aspects of the so called ideal job, it has to its side, a range of demerits that brings into reality the reason as to why working in a full-time traditional office setting is the choice in the end!

1. Working Independently
Working alone in an isolated space is a sad commentary in and of itself. True, there is freedom but considering we are social beings and enjoy the lighter moments with our colleagues in the hustle bustle of the work area. Sometimes, it could be that we are stuck up at work and need someone to guide us. The online forum doesn’t always help.

2. Self- Discipline
As solitude gathers around us, it is not uncommon to get distracted. One must control his/her emotions to be resourceful and maintain the tempo within. With no social support, this is hard to do. Freelancing full time means you’re responsible for yourself and your work more than ever. There’s no one around to monitor how much work you’re getting done or whether you’re meeting your targets.

3. Mix up of Work and Life
A freelancer’s life is mostly a mix of work and personal life. With your home as your office, and your office as your home, any problem you face in either your personal life or work life might affect another significantly. Just imagine that the moment you wake up, you’re already at work! Either you get your work and personal life balanced, or you ensure that the satisfaction from work can boost your personal life or vice versa.

4. Understand the trend medley
As a full-time freelancer, you need to keep an eye on emerging trends and have the ability to quickly figure out which trends would benefit your freelance business the most. To remain on top of the industry, it is imperative to keep an eye on what’s happening to keep yourself safe in the niche.

5. Mind the perks
In a full-time job you’re paid a fixed salary each month with a raise every year, medical insurance, paid leave and other perks. In freelancing your earnings are directly dependent on your rates and there are no perks in freelancing. In order to succeed, you need to be able to negotiate reasonable freelancing rates for yourself.

6. Dealing with clients
As always, dealing with clients is a Herculean task for you need to be courteous, direct and impressive in your endeavours and dealings with them. Every client now becomes your boss and its all on you. Controlling emotions, managing it all on your shoulders and holding yourself accountable is a hard task.

Thus, freelancing calls for improved networks, strict work discipline and extra savings before you gauge your chances of success. In this fast paced and competitive world, this is apparently a weighted risk. Although, there are success stories, one must analyse the issue carefully before coming to the conclusion if freelancing is really one’s cup of tea.

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