Fashion as a Career | How To Become a Fashion Star

Fashion technology is emerging as one of the profitable employment ventures in India. Fashion technology is the study and intersection of the fashion and technology

The curriculum is designed to provide competency for a wide range of occupations in the fashion industry. Theoretical knowledge and practical skills are applied in clothing construction, industrial sewing, flat pattern making, designing, textiles, fashion sketching, grading, marking and cutting and computerized grading and marking.Fashion as a job

Internship or cooperative education experiences are available to interested students. It has opened up new vistas and offers high profile jobs. It has various fields of specialization like garments, footwear, jewellery and even luggage. One must learn the difference between fashion and design and the similarities between the two. You might make fantastic designs, but that doesn’t amount to understanding fashion.79ideas_how_the_fashion_designer_lives

You could be a celebrity stylist, a fashion editor or editorial stylist, a shop window designer, a fashion consultant for commercials, apparel or accessory designer, a merchandiser, a fashion buyer, retail expert or an entrepreneur who brings international fashion brands to India.Career in Fashion

Job Opportunities:

A wide scope of job opportunities is available for those who complete this course. The placement areas are

  • Garment industry and garment store chains
  • Jewellery industry and jewellery houses
  • Export houses
  • Textile mills
  • Leather industry
  • Boutiques

Career options in Fashion:

Fashion Designing – where one can get employed with manufacturing units, export houses and boutiques and can get self employed by opening one’s own boutique.

Textile Designing – A designer for textile can get employed as a colorists, weaver, embroidery designer, dying & printing consultant, fabric analyzer, textile lab manager, fabric resource manager etc.

Apparel Merchandising – can find employment with garment industries, export houses, manufacturing firms, production coordinator, quality control supervisor, fashion retailer, export manager etc.

Visual merchandising – a comparatively new career field which has sprung up with the growing popularity of window and floor displays in exhibitions, fairs and other places.

Fashion Journalism – has a bright scope for employment as there is a need for exclusive articles and programmes with the development of fashion industry.

Fashion Photography – is an extremely creative and well paid profession. They can do freelancing and find employment with fashion houses, designers, fashion journals and news papers.

Modeling – is a highly paid job where one can find employment with designers, in design houses, advertisement firms etc.

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