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Facebook Launched Messenger Lite App for Android Phones

Facebook Launched Messenger Lite App for Android Phones

Facebook has recently launched a trimmed down version of the highly popular Facebook Messenger app Facebook Messenger Lite. This new Lite app is designed for low end and older phones which have less resources and can’t handle heavy tasks any more. Messenger Lite app is launched keeping in mind of emerging markets where online chatting is not as flourished.facebook new messenger lite app


The main objective of Messenger Lite is to reduce the mobile data consumption so it would be easy on the pockets of the consumers. According to Facebook, the Messenger Lite app will be initially launched in five countries: Kenya, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, and Venezuela. However, it is confirmed the application will expand to more markets after the initial launch.

messenger lite app for android


This is the second “lite” application launched by Facebook after the company released a “Facebook Lite” app for people whose smartphones are not capable enough to run the full-fledged version of the app or do not want to spend so much of their data on the messaging app. It’s not clear what features have been cut down in the lightweight version but Messenger Lite will send and receive photos, stickers and links that would be enough for many casual users. There is no such information on Messenger Lite app for the iOS but we are still looking forward to in the near future.

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With a file size of under 10MB, Facebook believes it’ll be fast to install and start-up. If you are from any of the countries mentioned above you can download the Messenger Lite App instantly.



Anybody who is using the app currently share your views on the Messenger Lite app.

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